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him and me

I crave for your touch
i am the only one that know how you truly are
we are secretly together
and the suspense keeps me going
i want to be with you forever
i know there will be alot of hurt people
when they find out about us
they arent the people that matter in this we are
you and me
I will take you away from the problems you face
i love you
you love me
thats all that matters
no matter what happens if we become friends or stay lovers
i need you in my life
everything you are matters to me
i never want you to leave
im going to be afraidof loosing you
you mean to much
it hurts and kills not too see you
i love everything about you
your touch
your scent
your smile
your attitude =]
the fact you want to understand everything
the fact you hold me close when everything falls
apart and tell me that everything is going to be okay
i want to be there for you forever and alway

Secret lover of mine i miss you.
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