bigbangradio (bigbangradio) wrote in _secretlyinlove,

My love is not so sercret anymore.....

......and lemme just say that the cat crawling outta that bag has made life TEN times worse than it ever was before. revealing my love changed nothing and now it hurts more to still have no control over being in love with someone that does not and will not ever feel the same way. not to mention he's one of my closest friends that i see ALL THE TIME. what luck. anyone out there with a secret love, DIE with that secret. that's my bloody hearted take on it.

anyways, just trying to stay busy (you know how they say that helps) so i'm promoting my band and hopefully we can get huge and get signed and get a grammy. maybe that may mend my broken heart and make the breaker of wish he never rejected me in the first place when i blow up.

check us out.

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