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if only i was anne hathaway.

i want to confess that i am in love with you.
even though i acted like i didn't.
i am soooo sorry i jokingly said i wanted to have that guy's number in front of you.
its not that i was testing you or making you jealous.
the moment made me reacted that way.
if i could take it all back, i would have probably shut my mouth and never involved myself in that conversation.
and that incident when u called out to me to take pictures.
i shouldnt have looked away and pretended you were talking to your friends who i thought they were behind me. see, i was scared i mistook you gesture. i thought it was meant for your friends since we barely knew each other. i shouldnt have did that! i am sooooo sorry!
i wanted to talk to you. have fun chatting with you. but i couldnt bring myself to. i see myself as this short and ugly person. i have acne all over my face and i didnt feel deserving of you. and i didnt speak any words that whole time we were all sitting down by the rooftop having a moonlit dinner as one whole group. deep down, i think you liked me. maybe its just me but when i observed you the whole time, i realised that you were the only one being extra nice to me. and you were only extra nice to me and not my other girl friends.i really do.

and because of that extra nice gesture you are killing me of the possibility i could have with you!!!!!!!!!
i feel like shouting out your name right now and say " I LOVE YOU!"
i feel like smsing my friend to get your number and  in that sms i want to say" i have been thinking of you lately. can we meet? for lunch? for fun? cause i just want to see you"
but i am scared of rejection. i dont want to be rejected by you.
i dream so many dreams of you that with each day my feelings only grow deeper and my hopes to be with you grows higher.
why must you come into my life once, print my heart with you all over it and then gone just like that!
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