personazero (personazero) wrote in _secretlyinlove,

I need some advice

There is this girl I have a crush on. She is really cool to be around and we have alot in common with each other. She is really cute and nice to talk too.The thing is that we rarely get to see each other. The last time I seen her we were at an anime/video game convention a month ago. When we seen each other we pretty much ditched our friends and hung out. We hung out for the whole day playing video games and just talking about stuff in general. Later on that day a couple of her friends seen us together and said that we would make a cute couple. I don't think my friend heard them from the distance but I did. When I had to go she asked me to message her online so we could keep in touch. We message each to other everyday or two days. She might be going to my school next semester but it's kind of hard for her to get used to college since she is shy and doesn't know how to ride public transportation. I'm really hoping she likes me but  I still want to be her friend if she doesn't like. I don't know how to bring up how I feel to her and I don't want to lose what we have to awkwardness.
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