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new dvd

Yeah there was a new dvd that came out a week ago called INSIDE THE DOORS, 1967-1969: AN INDEPENDENT CRITICAL REVIEW. On the front of the case, it says "FEATURING RARE FOOTAGE PREVIOUSLY UNAVAILABLE ON DVD," and that is a blatant lie. All you get with this thing is a bunch of clips of performances that you can find on other DVD's, (especially The Doors Collection, which includes the infamous Ed Sullivan performance IN ITS ENTIRETY, as opposed to this, which only includes a little bit of the song). In this DVD, after you see about a minute of the performance, it cuts to random interviews with random people adding bits of information about the songs, and each bit of information is either completely useless or already known. Now granted, there are interviews with the actual living members of the band, but other than that, you see people who know nothing about The Doors that the average fan doesn't already know. They interview this guy in a football jersey and underneath his name, it just says "Guitarist," and underneath another name, it just says "Record Store Owner." The things they say are so stupid, too. When they're talking about Light My Fire, the one guy says "When I talked to Robby Krieger about Light My Fire, he said it was the first song he had ever written," and then it cuts to another person being interviewed, and I'm sitting there with my jaw dropped thinking, "No fucking shit. EVERYONE KNOWS THAT." And another guy is like, "The first time I heard The Doors, it was in the 60's, around '67 and I heard Light My Fire and I was absolutely impressed." And then, even stupider, they're talking about Break on Through, and this random guy is like "That song is 2 and a half minutes of perfection. What a way to start your first rock album." I love The Doors, and this is an absolute insult to them. I had been anticipating this DVD for like 4 or 5 months before it was released, because, as a loyal Doors fan, I'm always looking for new stuff about them, and I get lucky enough to find it in a store in Pittsburgh and I waste $21.39 on it. It pissed me off that I wasted my money on it.
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