Azzure As The Sky (azzureasthesky) wrote in _secretalphabet,
Azzure As The Sky

Whats your name: Azzure

Favorite Bands: The Doors, Concrete Blonde, Manson & NIN (only their early stuff) Pink Floyd - That's what I'm listening to a lot now. I have too many to list, plus my car was totalled and I only have a cassette in my new car which explains the older stuff.

Location: Pennsylvania

Why did you join: I love the Doors and am a huge Jim Morrison fan.

Knowledge on the doors(books,links,ect): I have seen Robby in concert and a show Ray did with Michael McClure. I have read "No One Here Gets Out Alive," "Strange Days," "Lords and the New Creatures," (I have a 1st edition!) "Wilderness" "American Night," Complete Lyric book I know I have others can't think of the titles. I have also seen many documentaries and movies.

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