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Whats your name: Maeghan

Favorite Bands: the doors,ramones,sex pistols,richard hell and the voidoids,the beatles,vevlet underground,iggy and the stooges,the byrds,billy idol,bob dylan,mest,metallica,velvet revolver,rob zombie,marilyn monroe,the who,janis joplin,jefferson airplane,the new york doll,david bowie,generation x,tool,stone temple pilots,dimmu borgir,grateful,jimi hendrix,arlo guthrie,motley crue,guns n' roses,led zeppelin,nine inch nails,the clash,pink floyd,alice cooper,the GTO's (frank zappa groupie band),john lennon,george harrison,ringo star,godsmack,chuck berry,elvis =D

Location: Rhode island. =/ Smallest state in USA.

Why did you join: I love the doors.

Knowledge on the doors(books,links,ect): Light My Fire: my life with jim morrison and the doors, Another one just on jim i forgot.

Also, i dont like how people just like the doors for jim, it reminds me of good charlotte with benji and joel, therefore i have NO favorite member and i dont think jim is cute at all, i respect him for his art not his looks.

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