July 17th, 2005

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i forgot to do my jim morrison tribute on july 3. I did it in my personal journal and it went like this:

Today in history in 1971, Jim Morrison died of heart faulire in his Paris,France Hotel.Rest In Peace. If you would want to read a book about Jim Morrison I suggest "Life Death Legend Jim Morrison" by Stephen Davis it isn't full of bullshit like"no one here gets out alive". Talks about his child hood days of when he used to cut minnie and mickey mouse and put them in sexual postions,a subscriber to mad magazine. A person who sat on the roofs at night in Venice Beach,California and watch the moon.Ray one day(the organist) noticed his talent and formed a band with him. Born In Melbourne,FL. He traveled a lot as a kid because his dad was in the military. He hated his father. His long-term girl friend would drive him insane. Pamela Courson who is burried in Orange County who died a few years later. There is a sick person out there who claims to be Jim Morrison, SICK FUCK! He's making money off of it too.  If I ever go to Paris, France. Right away I'll vist the third most popular tourist attraction there, Jim Morrisons Grave. Don't comment and go"OMGZ HES SOOO HAWT" because I will hate you. He was good looking but he's also very intelligent and that is just disrespect. I am listening to five hours of doors songs.while josh is listening to 11 hours of doors songs. He should've started earlier.

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