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Whats your name: Christine.

Favorite Bands: THE DOORS, The Beatles, The Stones, Bob Marley, The Killers, Zeppelin, Sublime, the Strokes, Elliot Smith, etc.

Location: Los Angeles, California.

Why did you join: Because I love the Doors and Jim Morrison. I think that Jim is the most interesting person I've never met.

Knowledge on the doors(books,links,etc): No One Here Gets Out Alive, etc.
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If you are like me and looked on myspae for an official myspace a thousand times but didn't find one... They finally made one.

Oh and ps; I'm gonna see Riders on the Storm in January in Copenhagen and I CAN'T WAIT! I saw Densmore and Krieger in 1997, but Manzarek was sick. Densmore took over. I hope he's not sick this time around - because this time Densmore sure ain't coming instead of him.
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We all heard a lot about Morisson's death. One of my friends grown wise with experience told me, that Jim dead just in right time. Because the threat to be sold was unavoidable. There were not many ways out. Of course we can imagine a lot of different situasions and outcomes. But do you realy believe that Jim could choose life of anchorite?
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What's your name ? Sergei D.

Favorite bands: The Beatles, The Doors, The Who, Animals, Bob Marley, Nirvana, The Byrds,
Velvet Underground and so forth

Location: Moscow,Russia

Why did I join ?
Wanna see what do you guys think about life, love and where are we all going.
Plus I don't know much people with the same interest in the 60's and
Of course I love the Doors -- it's the band i've been listening to since I
was I little boy=))


What's your name?: Jennifer C.

Favorite Bands: Bob Marley, The Doors, Pink Floyd... everything..? My music interest varies between any English music before the 2000's, and any other language at any time xD (Japanese, German, Turkish)

Location: NJ, USA

Why did you join: Because I love Jim Morrison, duh! ^.^'

Knowledge on The Doors(books,links,ect): I only know a little about The Doors, but I love their poetry. I own the movie, and a poetry book.
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When the play dies the acting springs up.
When sex dies orgasm springs up.
Jim Douglas Morrison.

I`m not sure if it should be translated like this but it looks like it is.

These words helped me to tell my university report. I like the way he thinks.
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So! First of all (as your rules say)

Whats your name: Kate

Favorite Bands:Jethro Tull, The Doors, Åquarium, Bob Marley and the wailers, The Beatles.

Location:Moscow, Russian Federation.

Why did you join: I`d like to know more about The Doors, and besides thoughts of such people who know the name of Jim Douglas Morrison should be noteworthy.

Knowledge on the doors(books,links,ect): I don`t knok much about The Doors, all facts I can tell are wellknown. Book about Jim: "The last cursed poet".
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Thank you to cartographies for letting m

Need ideas.

So, my next tattoo is going to be of a Morrison quote or a Doors quote. So far the winner is "Death makes angels of us all, it gives us wings where we once had shoulders smooth as ravens' claws."

Does anyone have any other quotes that they really liked that I may not have thought about? Thanks.

X-posted in a lot of Doors communities.
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Whats your name: Kris

Favorite Bands: Nirvana. Hole. foo fighters. kiss. motley crue. mudhoney. screaming trees. sonic youth. the melvins. the DOORS. l7. fecal matter. cigarette.

Location: texas

Why did you join: because i figure if im on the internet. might as well find a good doors community. for daily doors needs.

Knowledge on the doors(books,links,ect):Wilderness : The Lost Writings of Jim Morrison . Jim Morrison: Life, Death, Legend
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