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_secret_scars_'s Journal

Secret Scars - a safe self harm community
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"we are male, we are female, we are artists students, athletes and buisiness owners. some of us were abused, others weren't. we are straight, bi and gay. we come from every walk of life, every religion, every race you can think of. but our common link is this: we are in pain, we self injure. and we are not freaks"

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Secret Scars - a safe self harm community

Welcome To The Secret Scars Live Journal. Secret Scars Is A Safe Place For Self Harmers To Come Together And Share Their Problems. Remember - Encouragement Of Self Harm Is NOT Allowed. Have Fun Posting.

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The Rules

*No encouragment of self harm. Encouragement of any sort will NOT be tolerated.

*Anything triggering must go behind a lj-cut tag, with a warning.

*No Triggering Pictures Allowed, this includes putting them behind cut tags, However, you ARE allowed to link to a picture and/or have a tirggering user picture

*Suicide notes are NOT allowed, however seeking help from others when feeling suicidal is encouraged.

*No Flaming. Flaming of any sort will NOT be tolerated.

*Try to make sure no post goes unanswered.

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About Bannage

Anyone found disobeying the rules can and will be banned. Reasons for bannage include:

*Making inappropriate posts and/or comments(new members and well behaved members will be given a warning first and have their posts moderated temporarily)

Continueing to make inappropriate posts and/or comments after recieving a warning

*Flaming other members

You will be able to find a full list of banned members and the reasons why over at _secret_scars

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Secret Scars Is Supportive Love
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One Last Thing..

Secret Scars is maintained by ke (geek_grrrl, _secret_scars)
Secret Scars is NOT Pro Self Harm

Each member is as important as the other, regardless of age, race, gender, culture - Never think any less or more of another member because their situation is different - we are all in this together