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_secondchances_'s Journal

Second Chances
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Welcome to _secondchances_! A Roleplaying community for Angel: the Series and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

The community is moderated by: Nora (remember_nomore) and Court (liz_guerin)

The out of character community for this RPG is sc_ooc (The Rules are there, read them)

After Sunnydale went to hell...

The Scoobies find themselves homeless, with everything most of them hold dear at the bottom of the giant sinkhole that once was Sunnydale, California. Buffy, Willow, Xander, Giles, Dawn & Andrew decide to relocate to Los Angeles, thinking they might be able to be of some help.

Rupert Giles has begun rebuilding the council; Training Dawn Summers, Xander Harris, Andrew Wells, among others, to be watchers.

Buffy Summers gathered a handful of new slayers to train them about their newfound power...and now enjoys somewhat of a normal life now that she's not the only chosen one.

Willow Rosenburg, single once again, after a series of traumatic events, and is taking some time away from the gang to heal and get back to basics again. When she returns to L.A. she will fine tune her gift as well as aiding both Buffy and Giles in their training of the newly made slayers.

Anya Christina Emmanuella Jenkins made a bargain with the Powers after her untimely death in the battle against the first. They decided that she had made up for all her years as a demon by giving her life to help save the world and protect Andrew, and would give her another chance at life, but in the price for being returned to earth as a human was that she did so with no memories of her life before, or the people she knew.

Meanwhile, life for the gang of Angel Investigations is taking several interesting turns as a result of the move to Wolfram & Hart....

Harmony Kendall has become an essential asset to the Angel team, at there new destination, Wolfram & Hart, surprising herself, as well as everyone else.

Charles Gunn is now the leading lawyer for the firm, struggling to reconcile his new high class life with the old, as well as maintain or repair various relationships within his AI family.

Winifred 'Fred' Burkle runs the Science department, works way too hard, and is still mourning after finding out that one of the Dixie Chicks, Natalie Maines, is actually a top client at the firm.
She is currently working on making Spike corporeal again, while struggling to deal the fallout of the actions of a certain Englishman while she was out of town.

Spike has shown up at Wolfram and Hart; playing Casper, lending his expertise when possible and enjoying giving Angel as much grief as possible. Spike is having a hard time staying in this world and keeps shifting in and out of limbo. Recently while blacking out of one world and into another Spike has come across Willow’s old lover, Tara.

Tara Maclay who has been in limbo for over a year; she doesn’t understand why she’s in this plane of existence and is delighted as well as confused to see Spike there. Although he disappears at times without warning they have started to become close friends; seeking comfort in each other.

Krevlorneswath of the Deathwok Clan AKA Lorne is now heading up the Entertainment division of the firm. He has also made it his new mission to give Angel singing lessons once a week; that's about all he can take.

Wesley Wyndam-Pryce has become quite the ladies man in his position as front man for the firm; and is currently working with Giles on initiating a plan to insert slayers and their watchers into various Wolfram & Hart client businesses; an effort to bring the villainous monsters down from the inside.

Angel is struggling to find his place heading Wolfram & Hart. Trying to fight the good fight from inside the devil's lair. He balances his new life with memories of his old; missing Buffy; waiting for the day he becomes human. He also is trying to convince Fred not to make Spike corporeal again.
While searching through files at Wolfram & Hart he finds out some frightening information; it looks as though when he made the deal to give Connor a new life in exchange for running Evil Incorporated, he essentially handed him over to an old enemy: Lindsey McDonald.

Cordelia Chase Angel's link to The Powers That Be was in a coma for nearly 4 months. An original member of the Sunnydale Gang; Cordelia has come a long way from being an obnoxious High School student to a serious evil fighter. For a while after she came out of the coma, it seemed like for the first time in a long time, her personal life was back on track. Now, she’s not so sure.

Daniel 'Oz' Osborne received a call from Wesley requesting his help in LA. He ends up working with Wolfram & Hart and training Nina and possible another werewolves on how to 'control' their powers and use them for good.

There are more characters to be added....Where will there path lead them... Will they have a Second Chance?

If you would like to join please go here.

Second Chances Cast List

Tara: sexytarawitch
Fred: _fred_burkle_
Angel: __angel
Wesley: wyndampryce
Lorne: green_mojo_guy
Spike: buffys_bitch
Gunn: call_me_gunn
Eve: bitch_eve
Cordelia: xxcordeliaxx
Harmony: _harm_kendall_
Nina: Open
Lindsey: oklahoma_lawyer
Connor: prophecy_boy
Dana: Open
Faith: wickedslayer
Oz: Open
Lilah: Deceased. Will not be recast.
Buffy: buffy_slays_you
Giles: _r_giles_
Willow: willow_rsenburg
Dawn: dawnie_summers_
Xander: the_xand_man_
Andrew: Open
Anya: anyagladtoseeme
Riley: military_boy
Graham: graham_452

Miscellaneous Evil
Angelus: true_angelus

Original Characters
Cassie: slayer_cassie
Reya Malone: malonetheslayer
Lexa: __lexa__


Wolfram & Hart Employees
Chance Monroe: chance_monroe

Miscellaneous Non-Evil
Landon Clark: xmindbulletsx

Original characters are accepted, but we’d request that you come up with a bio/history for said character with a physical description. This applies to all new slayers that didn’t appear on the show. The former surviving Slayers in Training from BtVS are exempt from this rule.

dead, or otherwise removed from show (or main group) characters that can be brought in if people want to play them. Any characters that died on screen will need a good explanation for why they're being brought back.

Rules and Other Important Things to Keep in Mind Last updated: September 17th 2004.

Where to Post: Please post all In Character (IC) to the main community _secondchances_, since many players use one character journal to play in several games. There should be no Out of Character (OOC) posts made to the main community. No exceptions. There is an OOC community set up just for that.

OOC Community: All players should use and follow the OOC community sc_ooc. The community exists to pass on OOC contact information, important information about the characters that cannot be revealed in the main community for one reason or another, letting the mods and the rest of the players know if there will be any reason whatsoever that you will not be able to post, and as a place to talk about current and future storylines in the role play.

Player Age Restrictions: Because of the possibility of some “mature” situations arising, and same sex pairings, we would ask that anyone applying to be in the game be at least 16 years of age.

Flaming and Disputes: Absolutely under no circumstances is flaming allowed. Zero tolerance. We want this game to be a place that is comfortable to everyone. If there is problem, please contact one of the mods, and we will take care of any disputes privately, and as quickly as possible, in a mature fashion. If you have a problem with another player, contact one of the mods. We’re pretty easy to get along with, but we don’t want to have to feel like we’re babysitting other players. To that end, please, try to behave maturely. We'd ask that under no circumstances do you comment on our private journals complaining about something to do with the game. We'd appreciate keeping those separate. Thanks.

Character Limits: No more than 2 main characters (meaning characters that were featured in the opening credits of either show, and additionally Tara and Faith, because they were in so many episodes), or 3 characters total.

Keeping up with Posts/Posting Rules: Players are expected to read all posts made by other players. Posts should in no way contradict or counteract a previous post by another player, unless permission to do so has being given by the other poster. In other words don’t hijack another person’s character and use them in your post without asking, or say something happened to them in your post that they didn’t okay, or cannot respond to. The OOC community is there so people can ask permission and talk about story ideas. Please, use it. No characters should be killed without the express consent of both the player of said character and the mods, as it may drastically change the story of the game in a way that is undesirable.
Amount of comments per entry: No more than 47 comments. The reason for this being that any number after that, and the thread collapses. If you’re not done, feel free create a new post to carry on in. And in relation to this, zig your comments. I find you can typically get about 20 comments done before you have to start scrolling from side to side. The way to avoid this is to zig comments. Basically, once you hit about 20-22 comments, rather than replying to the most recent comment, click on post new reply, and it will start a new thread that’s the full width of the screen for you to continue on in.

Posting Activity: The mods would like for this to be an active community. Not only simply with main posts in the community, but also through comments etc. Please be willing to post/play through comments at least once a week. Obviously there are times (exams, vacations, illness, other unforeseen real live problems) where this may not by possible. Just please make sure to let us know in advance if you can, through the OOC community.

Spelling, Grammar and other Odds and Ends of the Sort: Spell check, spell check, spell check. I cannot stress this concept enough. The client I use has a spell check built right in, there’s a check box next to the preview button to have LJ check it for you. Or when all else fails? Dictionary.com is an excellent online source. In relation to that, make sure you spell character names properly. Connor is with an O, not an E, Lindsey is EY, not AY, Xander is with an X, not Z, stuff like that, as well as: it's Wolfram and Hart. Like they said in the Pylea eps Wolf, Ram, and Hart. It's not that hard, learn it. Love it. Thanks :)
Proper capitalization: Names are always capitalised, as is the first letter of the first word in each sentence, and I as in “My friends and I went for a walk.”
Try to avoid whenever possible super short comments, and entries that go line/space/line/space for the entire duration of the entry.
And finally for this section: ellipsis. This is three dots, like so … not as many as you feel like holding the period key down for.

Roleplay: Acceptable means of roleplay include: Posts to the main community, playing through comments of those entries, and AIM tags (chat logs). Tags should be placed behind an LJ cut. As should any posts of a mature/sexual nature, with a content warning. If there are any questions about how tags work/and or should be posted, just ask.

Leaving the Game: If at any time, a player decides to leave the community for any reason, please contact the mods and let us know in advance. Don’t just stop posting and disappear. Not only does this not stall out storylines, it also makes it a lot simpler for the new player to fit into the game, if a character simply does not go idle without notice. If a character falls idle for more than 3 weeks without informing the mods ahead of time, we will look for a new portrayer to get the game rolling again ASAP.

Relationships in _secondchances_: The mods encourage people to have both conventional and unconventional pairings of their characters. Het and Slash are both welcomed, as long as a) the relationship develops over the course of the story in character. In other words, doesn’t just magically appear out of thin air that 2 characters are suddenly in love. And b) as was said before, any posts of an adult nature are clearly labelled as such and placed behind an LJ cut. Makes it a lot easier for readers and players who might not enjoy such posts to avoid reading something that would make them uncomfortable. If, while roleplaying through regular comments, the situation evolves into an adult post, the mod asks the original poster to please edit the initial post to include a warning.

Just a few more notes:
The mods ask that you place a link back to the community in your RP Journal user info. And if possible, pimp out the journal on your regular journals. We’d be ever so grateful.
And lastly, this is a game. We’re here to have fun. We want to take this seriously and develop a story, but have a good time doing that.

  • There is to be absolutely no lifting of entire scenes from the shows. A line here and there, or a quote occasionally is fine, but we don't want to see entire scenes lifted.

There are a few reasons for this.
First being that that breaks LJ's rules. As stated here: Posting material that infringes on the copyright or patent of an individual or corporation is prohibited. And in the TOS it states:
You agree to NOT use the Service to:
Upload, post or otherwise transmit any content that infringes any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other proprietary rights of any party. Furthermore, it states that we will not allow usage by others in such a way as to violate LiveJournal.com's TOS.

So, with that it mind, you can see why making it clear that is not tolerated would be in our best interest. Entire scenes rewritten so that they're in story format rather than script format still qualify as violating. If you didn't write it, don't use it. More that four lines is breaking the law. And those four lines, technically should be sourced anyway...but it's not like we can do that in the middle of an RP post. Additionally, we want to see your creativity, and your writing abilities, not the Mutant Enemy staff writers.

  • As of now, there is now a 3 strikes rule. Which means, Which means, if you get mentioned in a general post in the OOC for lack of posting or contacted by myself or Nora 3 times for breaking a rule, no matter how small, you're out of the game. Please Note: Failure to post for more than 2 weeks without letting us know somehow (email, IM, posting in the OOC), will count as a strike.
  • Please, stay as true as possible to show canon for the characters. Don't have them behave in a way that is in no way feasible for them to be doing on the show, or that has no established reasoning behind it. This relates back to the rule on relationships and how they cannot happen out of the blue.

Got it? Good *smiles*

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