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No one told me Los Angeles was so big... [Nov. 24th, 2004|11:20 am]
Second Chances

[Current Mood |busy]

... Okay maybe Buff did once or twice, but I didn't think it was this much. Crap.

Granted my view might be just the tiniest bit biased, since I am small town guy, but let's not talk about that.

I haven't heard from Buffy or Willow in forever, and I started to worry. Then G-Man set off back to the good old U.S. of A, and that pretty much just left me. They had everything covered in England, so I started thinking maybe it was time to mosey and follow the gang.

Of course, now it's sort of all about actually finding the gang... can't say I'm really into the idea of finding out where Angel is at the big and nasty firm Wolfram and Hart, and then asking for a favor. Jet lag's kinda leaving me with little material to work with as far as sniping comments, and he and I pretty much tend to never stay civil.

So now I'm wanderer guy. I've picked up an appartment, and I'm working on a job, and figuring out where everyone else is hiding. At least I'm not bored...

I headed down to pick up some food to take care of a serious case of the munchies when I heard someone say my name. I jumped, and looked around, trying to figure out who it was. Okay, maybe I'm still the tiniest bit jumpy every now and again. So sue me.

((Open Post))
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Girl talk! [Nov. 24th, 2004|01:11 am]
Second Chances

[Current Mood |concerned]

((Continued from here!))

"I promise I will. Soon. Just have to make sure everything went right with Spike and Tara. After that, You're right, Knox is perfectly capable of running this place for a day without me. That, and I've more than earned a day away from this place...based on the last few days since coming back from Texas alone."

"If you ask me, you've earned a whole slew of days, babydoll," Lorne pointed out. He folded his arms across his chest, seeming not to notice the fact that such an action would form wrinkles in his expensive suit jacket. Once upon a time, he would have freaked at the mere mention of wrinkles in his Gucci or Armani, but now he could more than afford to drop a few bucks to get dry cleaning and steam treatment. "I think you oughta look into taking a full-fledged vacation. In all honesty. Hell, we all could use one, but considering all the curveballs life's been throwing your way lately? I'd say you deserve to have yours first."

"Things have just been a little nuts, trying to get everything I'm supposed to be doing done, and help Spike. But he's all corporeal again, so things should be a little calmer. At least after I run those tests and make sure it's permanent."

Lorne smiled a little. "Well, as long as you don't overwork yourself... and you promise me, that's it. You do that, you take a day off. At least one. I'll even hold up my end of the bargain... I'll have a day of rest myself come next week. Alrighty?"

((Tag to Fred, and Cordy when it's possible.))
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It's not good here. [Nov. 23rd, 2004|11:46 am]
Second Chances

[Current Mood |busy]

Placing the phone back in it's cradle, I folded my arms and looked up at Spike that was still in my office. Before he was asking for something him and Tara could do and for a place to stay. When did I become everyone's go to guy? I'm not that guy? Never will be that guy, but it's Spike. History shows that I owe him something. Okay, no it doesn't, but he's willing to help me out with anything I need. I could use him to watch over Faith while I can't. Not so sure about that. I'm still pondering that.

"Got you and Tara a room," I say absentmindedly and pick up some papers on my desk, stacking them and placing them to the side. I grab a pen, writing down that floor and the room number. "You two can just stay in Wolfram and Hart, up in one of the rooms," I say as I hand him the paper, then lean back in my chair. Still didn't know what was going on with Faith. Haven't heard from Wes either. I had walked Faith to the office, then just walked away, like she wanted. She wanted to do this on her own and I wasn't upset because I was jealous of the fact that her and Wes had been together, I was upset that she didn't want me there with her. That's all I've done was try to be there for her, put up with her moods and now -- she doesn't want me around. Well, at least for that.

Guessing I should call up Wes and find out if she's still there. Looking around the office, my eyes settle back on Spike who's looking at the paper. He looks up at me and I shrug, "Just take the elevators up." Tapping my fingers together, I rock back and forth in my chair. Seem's everything is happening all at once and now all my thoughts are coming to me. Buffy's not that bright if she thinks I don't know about her and Riley. I could smell him all over her and that gives me an uneasy feeling. Then again, I'm kinda glad that Spike doesn't have her. When she told me that she had him in her heart, I think my world stopped for a second. All of that get's pushed aside when my thoughts settle back on Faith again. It's been a few hours and she's still not done. Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. That is if he's even helped her. He made Spike his priority over his former Slayer. Figures.

Tapping my pen on the desk, I look up at him. "Fine, you want Tara to have a job ... for a witch ... I'll set her up with a job and you, need you to do me a favor." I place the pen down on the desk and look at him seriously. Right now Faith is the most important thing on my mind, I want to know she's safe and that means having her watched when I can't watch her and make sure she's okay. "Right now ... Faith is sick. She's with Wes right now, getting checked out, but there's times when I can't be with her. Buffy said she'd help, or so I overheard when they were talking. But when I'm not around or Buffy's around, I need you to watch her."

(tag: Spike)
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If you're frightened of dying and then you hold on, you'll see devil's tearing your life away [Nov. 21st, 2004|02:40 am]
Second Chances

Could hear Riley and B arguing in the other room. Their voices rising, so I could hear them clearly on the other side of the door that wasn't even closed all the way. Then their voices got all quiet again and I thought I could hear lips smacking together. Kissing. They were in love, B was in love, she was always in love. It was wicked pretty to watch sometimes, that smile on her face. The way she just fucking glowed. Funny how I could hate her and love her for the same exact thing.

"It is ... hard, being with him. I'm not sure ... you know, what's going on with you two, but, he does try. But sometimes, it's not good enough."

No, it wasn't ever good enough was it? Faith always gets the short end of the stick, the raw deal, the unhappy ending. Story of my life right? Cause that was the way it was supposed to work. B was supposed to get the big fairytale ending and I was just a sidenote. The chick who couldn't keep it together, the one who let them win. Whoever the hell they were. Wasn't strong enough, wasn't good enough. Always the bad girl.

For her credit B was tryin'. She just didn't always know how, or what to do. So hard for me to accept that Buffy didn't always have the answers. So much of my life has been built around that lie, ya know? B was the strong one, the smart one, the fucking hero. Why couldn't she hold on just a little tighter? Why was she lettin' me slip away? Was it because she couldn't, or because she didn't want to? I was afraid I'd never know the answer to that question.

My arms reached out and clutched at the pillow B had been sleepin' on a little while ago. Tried hard to pretend it was Angel, his cold solid body pressed into mine. Ya know, for someone who had a strict nail and bail policy a few months ago it was gettin' harder and harder not to function without Angel. What was up with that? Is this what love was supposed to feel like? Tearin' you upside until there was nothin' left of you, and all that stayed behind was the majorly screwed version of the person you used to be? Whatever. I had to keep it up, stand my ground. Couldn't go crawling back to him, not when I promised myself I'd stay away til I figured shit out. Guessed that meant I'd be stayin' away for awhile cause me? Pretty obvious I was never the sharpest slayer called. Could I do it? Only one way to find out. Havin' B here made it easier though.

Still clutching the pillow in my arms, I closed my eyes again tryin' to block out the sound of Riley and Buffy makin' nice on the living room couch. Why should I have to listen to something nice when I couldn't have it for my very own? Sick of doin' that.

Fat bloody fingers are sucking your soul awayCollapse )
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(no subject) [Nov. 18th, 2004|03:41 pm]
Second Chances

Wow, that was incredible. I acted every damn thing from my dream out, and then some more. And wow, I'm actually glad I'm not like other people, because I wouldn't have been going that long if I was some Joe Blow civillian. The way my name comes off her lips as she orgasms. The way her nails run over my back, the way her voice is so damn hot. I love it. Love everything about her.

After our sex-thon, we ended up wet and in the bed, wet from the shower, and we never really got dried off before going at it again. Her phone was vibrating or ringing or something, I was exhausted didn't feel like moving. She slipped out said something about going to work.

I got up and picked up the phone and called back to base, told them that we would definitly go out tomorrow night. I had plans tonight, the boys didn't seem to mind too much. I'm already bringing in the most hostiles, skipping a few nights won't matter. Especially if I'm going to be spending it with Chance.

Speaking of which, I grabbed my keys and slipped on some shoes. I went and bought flowers and everything else, I was going to make dinner for her, and have this whole romantic night thing planned out. It works in the movie's, granted I've never done this before, but I know how to cook.

I started the spaghetti and lit a few candles and took another shower and put on some clothes. I pulled all the blinds shut and then set a vase of flowers on the table. I took some of the roses and pulled the petals off and made a path of rose petals from the door to the table, and then into the bedroom. I sprinking some petals on the bed as well.

I did a quick walk-through of the house and made sure everything was perfect. The spaghetti was done, and still warm, so I could have her "taste" some of it before we went to it. Nobody said anything about eating dessert before dinner. I also bought some strawberries and whipcream and had them in the fridge. Dessert before dinner, o yes. Definitly going to be having dessert first. Especially if she's wearing that damn outfit, makes her look all kinds of hot. Makes me think she's all innocent school girl, but I know she isn't. She's into that kinky stuff, and oddly enough, I am too. Now that I'm with her, gotta get her to teach me some new stuff though, because I want to make her as happy as I am.

I sat down on the couch and waited for her to come back to my place. I had left her a message and told her that we were going to eat and that she should come by straight after work.
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The strange gets stranger... [Nov. 18th, 2004|12:59 pm]
Second Chances

[Current Mood |weirdweird]

[From here]

I looked at the paper she handed me. She wants me to go look up files on some damn psycho? Slayer? What the fuck is a slayer? Weird if you ask me, this entire place is. It gives me the wiggie vibes.

I sigh and roll my eyes. "Fine, whatever." As long as it got me away from that chick I was just fine. I leave my coffee on her desk and turn on my heel as I head over to Facts and Records. That was one place I had yet to be.

I walked by Angel's office and I heard shouting. I thought about stopping for a moment but I figured the way not to meet the boss is by ease dropping on him, so I kept on walking.

I got down to the basement level of the building and followed the signs pointing to Facts and Records. I sighed and opened the heavy door. "Ok where the hell am I going to look for this shit."

"Can I help you?" I yelped and jumped when I heard a voice, I turned to see a woman dressed in a business suit sitting at the desk. "Are you in need of some files?"
Working for Wolfram & Hart is quite....adventurous.Collapse )
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Brain ramblings and annoyances. [Nov. 17th, 2004|05:59 pm]
Second Chances

[Current Mood |annoyedannoyed]
[Current Music |Kelis - Milkshake]

I swear Angel need’s to screen these people he employs better. Well, then again he did give me a job.

But this new girl…ummm what’s her name? Fate? or ohhh that’s right Chance. Note me rolling my eyes here people, what the hell kinda name is Chance?! I mean please. Then again not everyone can have such a wonderful name such as mine. Harmony, or as Lorne likes to call me Harmonica.

That man demon always makes me smile. Especially after Angel yells at me for no damn reason. What, like it’s my fault he didn’t get these files he asked for on Faith?!

Ok, ok, maybe it was my fault. Sue me. Then again this is a law firm so they probably could… Not like you can take my soul or anything. A girl’s vamp’s gotta have one to take. I don’t even want one. I’m not some whipped ass like Spike is.

I still can’t believe that, he actually fell in love with the Slayer of all people. I knew he had to have it bad for that girl the day he made me dress up in her sweater and play vampire hunter with him. Ok, well that wasn’t so bad. I still smile when I think of all the sex we had. Viking in the sack if you ask me.

He’s been a ghost here for the past few months, I heard from the girls around the office that Fred brought him back. I have yet to see him. I did hear that he was in Angel’s office. Now it’s just a matter of who’s going to fly through the office wall first. My bet is on Spike. He’s always with the tossing.

Now what was I doing? Oh! That’s right, I was going to call up that new intern that we have. Chance. There’s paperwork to be done and honestly I don’t feel like doing it. She can. She needs to do something around here then going out with that guy she’s always around. I don’t care how hot he is. Well then again he is hot.

I flipped through the files and searched around for the phone number. “Ahh, there we go.” I dialed and waited. It rang till the machine picked up. “Ugh. Figures.” There was another number for a cell phone. “This one better work.”

I dialed the number and tapped my foot impatiently as it rang. “Come on and pick up.” I sighed when she answered the phone. “Chance? It’s Harmony.”

[Open Chance]
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Box full of memories, a heart full of hope… [Nov. 17th, 2004|05:07 am]
Second Chances

[Current Mood |hopefulhopeful]

I sat curled up in a chair by the window to the hospital room, my mind was running a mile a minute, unable to stick to one main thought.

“Good to know you're back Tara and I hope everything goes well, but after this, if I ever…”

“I'm not in this. You two came back together, so you two can figure this out. I came to help Angel, not to worry about this freak show."

"I hope you -- everything, works out. But I'm not going to pretend to be your friend. Because I'm not...Whatever friendship there was, there isn't...Stay out of my way and I can tell you this, I won't bother you anymore."


"Look, I'm happy that you're back, but the circumstances kinda suck from my end."

"It all sucks."

I put my head in my hands against my knees and cried softly. My emotions were bearing down on me I don’t know where to turn. I’ve been back for a few days and it’s been tormenting.

I find out that Buffy’s here in LA to help Angel, I don’t know where everyone else is. I’m too stressed to think that far ahead. But that meeting with her keeps playing in my head over and over. I thought out of everyone when we told everyone that we were back that I could talk to her. I haven’t done this dead thing before, she has.

Dead. I was dead, the non-coming back kind of dead. My body is in a grave somewhere in the crater where Sunnydale used to be. People mourned for me and they moved on. They had memories and held onto them. I wasn’t supposed to be back.

But I was.


That’s a question that has yet to be answered.

Maybe I was brought back to help Spike, to help guide him and show him that inspite of what people would say or do that he was needed. He was probably just as lost as I was. Then again if you were dead and thought your job was done you’d be lost when they just shoved you back in and said go for it.

I knew that no matter how grim things got that I still had Spike, he didn’t abandon me like I had first feared. When Buffy came lashing out at me he stuck by me. That meant more to me then I could ever say.

I sighed and rested my cheek against my knees and listened to the sounds of the hospital. I couldn’t wait to get out of here, I wanted to find a place for us so we could try and work towards normal as best we could.

The smallest thing can give the biggest hope...Collapse )

My mother always said she’d make sure I was taken care of and wouldn’t have to depend on my father. She kept that promise.

I sighed and leaned back on the bed, the letters in my hands and my eyes closed as I cried softly. For once my heart didn’t feel so full of sorrow.

[Open Spike]
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(no subject) [Nov. 14th, 2004|02:56 pm]
Second Chances
[Current Mood |curiouscurious]

After I had left the girls at the hotel I headed back home to be behind the safety of specialty tinted windows, nearly driving around until the sun came up. I pulled into the garage and wandered upstairs, something tickling the back of my brain. I sherked my duster off and sat behind my desk trying to wrap my brain around what it was that was eating at me.

Faith and I walking up to the door of the hotel room. Knocking. Buffy and Riley answering. We stood there talking, Riley trying his best to intimidate me. What the fuck is it? I slam my fists on the desk and get up walking to the window, seeing the sun come up over the hills. I rubbed my temples and closed my eyes, trying to focus, something was off in that room and I don't mean Faith. That was a given, girl was truly going insane in the membrane.

Think you bastard, think. I opened my eyes and put my hand to my chin, closing them again and replaying the events in my head. Faith and I walking up to the door of the hotel room. Knocking. Buffy and Riley answering. We stood there talking, Riley trying his best to intimidate me. Damn. Damn. Damn. Faith's heartbeat. Riley's heartbeat. Buffy's heartbeats. Wait... heartbeats??? Oh my fucking ... she's... no way. I need to investigate again and if it weren't for the sun being up, I'd do it right fucking now.

Sleep now, go later. I'd go see Faithy, see how my little sugarpea is doing. I wonder if dropping her off at Buffy's is such a good idea, but I guess I'll find out. No matter what anyone does ... she's still going to die.
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My mistakes are multiplying [Nov. 12th, 2004|11:29 pm]
Second Chances

[Current Mood |stressedstressed]

I knew that hypnotizing Faith was a mistake. I had tried to tell her all along that I shouldn't have been the one to do it. That perhaps Fred or a perfessional should have. Of course she didn't listen. I was her Watcher once and she didn't listen to me then. Why would she now? How could I have ever thought she would?

I think she saw something though. I'm positive that some good came out of this. There was something in her memories. Seeing Angelus in the mirror instead of her own face. Of course that could also be symbolism. Faith has always compaired herself to Angel. Why not Angelus?

Still, she was terrified after the hypnotism and I had to find her. Never underestimate Slayer strength. I hold my now bruised jaw in my hand, getting up from the cold hardwood floor. What's more injuries to an already broken man? I find the door knob torn from the door, but I don't have time to think about that.

We tapped into something and I fear that she's still inside it.

I go off quickly to find her.
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