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can i scream?

Name: Katee Reese
Age: 15
Status: single
Location: the couve (vancouver washington)
Sign: aries

10 Bands: only 10? crap there's soo many
1/ nodes of ranvier
2/ hopesfall
3/ dead to fall
4/ bury your dead
5/ walls of jericho
6/ throwdown
7/ fear before the march of flames
8/ stretch arm strong
9/ (old)atreyu
5 Movies:
1/ donnie darko
2/ peter pan
3/ napolean dynamite
4/ boondock saints
5/ igby goes down
TV show: degrassi, the OC :(, extreme makeover:house edition
5 FAB Pieces of Clothing:
1/ my way old jeans
2/ my ptw shirt
3/ my hoodies
Food: cheetos and propel. oh and 2 jr. bacon chesseburgers and a frosty from wendys.
Book: the perks of being a wallflower

If you were left alone on a deserted island, what 5 item whould you bring?
1/ cds/cd player/batteries
2/ my 2 best friends (hayley mac and jordan "keef" haggard)
3/ my blankie
4/ my hoodie
5/ sunscreen
One CD you could throw into a deep dark whole and destroy it before it was ever created?: none because I know that someone out there could be in love with that one cd and just because I don't like it doesn't mean I should keep it from someone who absolutely adores it
Make us laugh or cry:

How did you find us?: my friend _one_last_wish put a link in my communtiy (couve_core_kids)
Promote to one other community: couve_core_kids
3 pics: (no more then 8)

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