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Can I Scream?

Name: Graham
Age: 17
Status: in a relationship, married you could say
Location: amston, CT
Sign: leo

10 Bands: atreyu, as i lay dying, alexisonfire, the used, underoath, from first to last, unearth, senses fail, a static lullaby, hawthorne heights.
5 Movies: zoolander, team america, old school, napolean, remember the titans
TV show: aqua teen hunger force
5 FAB Pieces of Clothing: used hoody, jeans, sandals, atreyu t-shirt, underoath t-shirt.
Food: pepperoni pizza
Book: a clockwork orange

If you were left alone on a deserted island, what 5 item whould you bring? cd case, cd player, plenty of batteries, my guitar, tv/vcr/movies.
One CD you could throw into a deep dark hole and destroy it before it was ever created?: simple plan, any of them
Make us laugh or cry: Image hosted by
How did you find us?: in the emo__as____fuck community
Promote to one other community:
3 pics: (no more then 8)Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

ok, i put in a better pic of myself, sorry for not doing it before
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