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♥<b>Name:</b> mike. fabiani.
♥<b>Age:</b> 15
♥<b>Status:</b> single.
♥<b>Location:</b> rockville centre, long island, new york
♥<b>Sign:</b> leo.

♥<b>10 Bands:</b> alexisonfire, fear before the march of flames, the bled, underoath, from autumn to ashes, every time i die, from first to last, my chemical romance, the blood brothers, head automatica
♥<b>5 Movies:</b> clerks, pulp fiction, kill bill volume 1 & volume 2, clerks
♥<b>TV show:</b> 'dead like me' or any good stand up comic. i don't watch tv much.
♥<b>5 FAB Pieces of Clothing:</b> umm...track jackets, tight shirts, belts, jeans, and shoes?
♥<b>Food:</b> pizza, mashed potatoes, and things like that.  or raw cookie dough<3
♥<b>Book:</b> i don't read at all...really...this will sound cliche but 'perks of being a wallflower'

♥<b>If you were left alone on a deserted island, what 5 item whould you bring?</b>  my CD collection, a stereo, friends, a neverending magical supply of food, and a bed.
♥<b>One CD you could throw into a deep dark whole and destroy it before it was ever created?:</b> that fucking william hung cd. the guy is a complete fucking retard and he gets a cd made. i hate him/
♥<b>Make us laugh or cry:</b>

that's my asian friend in the balloons in her 2nd grade play or something. she was supposed to be a cranberry.
want to cry?

♥<b>How did you find us?:</b> i saw someone promote on some random community

♥<b>Promote to one other community:</b> http://www.livejournal.com/community/cwal/239130.html#comments
           since this is my first community i'm joining...i logged in to my friend's account and promoted on hers. i hope that's ok?
♥<b>3 pics: (no more then 8)</b>



oh yesss. I am most hXc person here <------JOKE. don't worry!


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