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Can I Scream?

♥<b>Name: Tabby</b>

♥<b>Age: 14 (Yes I’m a young’n)</b>

♥<b>Status: Single?</b>

♥<b>Location: In da middle of da deep blueee seaaaa!!! Hawaii baby.</b>

♥<b>Sign: Cancer…..*sniff* I got cancer ima gunna die…</b>


♥<b>10 Bands:

-         Hellogoodbye

-         Say Anything

-         Bright Eyes (I’m going to OWN Conor Oberst <3)

-         The Used

-         Taking Back Sunday

-         Thursday

-         My Chemical Romance

-         Rammstein

-         Nirvana

-         Sex Pistols </b>

♥<b>5 Movies:

-         Sixteen Candles

-         Pretty In Pink

-         Pirates of the Caribbean

-         Finding Nemo (Who can’t resist Disney movies? =P)

-         Shark Tale (Can’t touch this dun dun dun can’t touch this…)</b>

♥<b>TV show: Just one? Hmmm. Motormouth! It’s hilarious…</b>

♥<b>5 FAB Pieces of Clothing:

-         SHIRTS! Seriously who can live without one? Well…cept for those nudist colonies…

-         Jeans/Pants! I can’t live without my pants…

-         BELTS! We need them to hold up our pants…and they look rad &heart;

-         Shoes! Converse, Vans, Anything!

-         CONDOMS!! Haha uhmm….Undies! What would we do without them? </b>

♥<b>Food: Anything! (I just realized I said anything a lot in this application…) I’ve been craving Mexican and Sushi lately…</b>

♥<b>Book: Uhhhh The list is to long to write….Can I put some of my favorite writers?

-         Mary Higgins Clark

-         Nora Roberts

-         Joan Lowery Nixon

-         &&somuchfreakinmore.</b>


♥<b>If you were left alone on a deserted island, what 5 item would you bring?

-         A boy

-         CD’s

-         Food! How else will we survive?

-         My laptop! And this island shall have internet I tell you! so I can talk to some supercool people *cough(SuckUp)cough*

-         </b>

♥<b>One CD you could throw into a deep dark hole and destroy it before it was ever created?: AVRIL LAVIGNE!! Both of her CD’s….and many more..like backstreet whores I mean boys….shall I go on?</b>

♥<b>Make us laugh or cry: I like making people laugh! *self help center* Hi I’m Tabby and I’m addicted to my snail bob, neon nail polish, and masturbating to foreign films. I NEED HELP DAMNIT! </b>

♥<b>How did you find us?: Someone promoted you in allthingsemo </b>

♥<b>Promote to one other community:  http://www.livejournal.com/community/asian_eyes__/ </b>

♥<b>3 pics: (no more then 8) Blah I'm ugly.....

Awww it's my lil sis. She'cute! haha.

Well I hope this was an ok application!</b>

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