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___Can i scream?___

Name: Chelsey Leigh
Age: 15
Status: single
Location: Jenkintown, PA
Sign: leo

10 Bands: My chemical romance, underoath, a static lullaby, silverstein, misfits, funeral for a friend, taking back sunday, thursday, the blood brothers, dont pass go. i listen to a lot of different kinds of music.
5 Movies: Breakfast club, Jon Q, the other sister, empire records, and Homeroom...i'm not a big movie watcher
TV show: i dont watch tv that much either...but Law and Order
5 FAB Pieces of Clothing: my express jeans, my green "sweater", my chemical romance shirt, my black and white pin striped jacket and my black and white skirt..yep
Food: veggie burgers...yum
Book: Dont cry now, when the storm breaks, you dont know me...yes now this is something i know about

If you were left alone on a deserted island, what 5 item whould you bring? my cd collection, cd player, laptop?, ice cream! i <3 ice cream, anddddd make up...i'm not materialistic...hah...i'm really not though..heh
One CD you could throw into a deep dark whole and destroy it before it was ever created?: Creed...i am tres happy they broke up...even though they formed the same exact band...ugh
Make us laugh or cry: i just found out that my dads friends 2 year old daughter died from drowning. it was really sad because she was just trying to get her bucket full of water and she tripped and fell in it and drown. ;( it makes me really sad to hear that
How did you find us?: random search
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