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Can i scream? <3

♥<b>Name: Nadia B</b>
♥<b>Age:16 </b>
♥<b>Status: i.am.going.out.with.a.boy. <3</b>
♥<b>Location: Woodbirdge x.x </b>
♥<b>Sign: Taurus (spelt right? hehe) </b>

♥<b>10 Bands: Rise Against, Anti-Flag, Bad Religion, Taking Back Sunday, From First To Last, Boys Night Out, Thursday, Deseparecidos, Strike Anywhere, The Beatles</b>
♥<b>5 Movies: The Land Before Time (<3), Cowboy Bebop, Kill Bill, The Spongebob Movie, Birdget Jones' Diary </b>
♥<b>TV show: Fairly Odd Parents :D </b>
♥<b>5 FAB Pieces of Clothing: My 3 year old jeans that are kept together with verious safety pins ^^, My sexy globe skate shoes (that i will receive ON CHRISTMAS -.-'' ), my rainbow belt, all the colorful knee socks i own, my emo argyle sweater vest ^^ </b>
♥<b>Food: SUSHI and Bananas </b>
♥<b>Book: 1984</b>

♥<b>If you were left alone on a deserted island, what 5 item whould you bring? My bird fluffy (is he an item? lol), my gee-taur, dom (broken_words), life supply of sushi, and my LJ ^^''</b>
♥<b>One CD you could throw into a deep dark hole and destroy it before it was ever created?: i would first burn all of the good charlotte songs onto one CD and then i would throw a match into the deep dark hole so the deep dark hole becomes the flaming deep dark hole. AND THEN I WOULD THROW IT IN AND WATCH IT BURN</b>
♥<b>Make us laugh or cry: one time at work i went in in my pijamas and then a co worker of mine pulled them down REVEALING MY ASS to everyone else that was in the kitchen at the time.... i cried, but i think you guys will laugh -.- </b>
♥<b>How did you find us?: on alex's LJ, HE PROMOTIED! </b>
♥<b>Promote to one other community: hate_woodbridge </b>
♥<b>3 pics: (no more then 8)



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