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WooHoo!  Got some bargains today!   Cricut "Wild Card" cartridge for $24.  Cricut "Summer in Paris" cartridge (only 27 images) for  $12.  And a pack of 300 blank cards (Super Value Pack) in random colors for $5.60.

I"ve had my Cricut for a few years now and only had the cartridge that came with it.  Now I have 3!  Yippee!

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Just started making my own fabric embellies!

Use some scrap paper, put a layer of adhesive (ATG or snail, those types) on it.  Then, stick the fabric on that (I got a TON of fabric scraps from my mom who is a quilter).  I have an original Sizzix but any die cutting machine will work- probably not cricut, have not tried using punches but those might snag fabric also.  But if you have a Big shot, Cuttlebug or something like that, it will probably work.  And cut out shapes using your dies. 


I went to the one of the local thrift stores today and found something that somewhat resembled the stand for Clipitup.  I have been wanting a Clipitup for years but never wanted to fork out the bucks for it.  So, I picked up this gadget.  It's from Partylite, which is a candle business.  It appears to be this:


But without the glass lamp shade.  Got it for 35 cents.  I remembered seeing a DIY blog about making your own Clipitup knock off and found it after a google search:


I already have those baby clothes pins and paper clips at home.... so now I am making the clips for my DIY Clipitup!  Wahoo!
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I need to clear out my small apartment. Behind the cut are a bunch of lightly used stamps. Please make offers. :) [Feel free to delete if this is against the community rules - I checked and didn't see any rules against it.]

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Joann.com has a 2 day free shipping with code freeship88.  Also, on their scrapbooking clearance section they have tons of brads, eyelets, and sticker embellies for .90 cents!!  I have tons of brads and eyelets already or else I would stock up right now.  Enjoy!

I forbade myself from buying any more scrappy stuff this month because I already spent quite a bit.  I got a $30 order from Stampin Up and it was only a 11 1 inch square stamp pad set in varying colors and some dimensionals (foam pop up double stick things). 
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My friend and I were lucky enough to visit the ship the "Bounty" last summer. I took lots of photos and have some scrapbooking to do. But in the meantime, I bought a 12" frame designed to hold a 12" scrapbook page. So I did this page and framed it for my friend.
I did the journaling using my artist program on the computer, and a scroll design to hold it. Once it was printed out, I used chalk to give it that antique look. The title was cut out with my Cricut. I mounted the photos on two different shades of purple so they would stand out better on the lighter purple main page.
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