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Scouring Mary Sues

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Scouring Lord of the Rings & Harry Potter MarySues
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Sporking Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter Sues
Welcome to _scourgify_, a new community for reporting Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings Mary Sues.

Community Rules:

The first rule of _scourgify_ is don't talk about _scourgify_.

1. The LJ Cut is your friend. If you are posting story excerpts or large images, cut them. Please, spare those members who are on dial-up.

2. We are here to criticize stories, not authors. Criticize bad grammar, urple prose, OOC-ness, canon rape, etc, etc. Try not to bash the author.

3. If the author shows up, Rule 2 no longer applies. Mock away.

4. Do not link authors to the reports on their stories. This is not a concrit community. This goes for you 'do-gooders' out there who finds this evil community and decide it would be 'helpful' to link the author here so he/she can have a showdown with us. DON'T DO IT. You aren't doing the author a favor.

5. DO NOT, under any circumstances, link to a story posted in someone's livejournal. Links to stories on fanfiction.net or any other sites are fine.

6. Post one Sue, per fandom, per day. That means you can make one Harry Potter report and one Lord of the Rings report each day. We can only take so much badfic at a time, after all.

7. DO NOT POST AN ENTIRE STORY. Post excerpts. Try to post short excerpts. It doesn't matter if a story is only one chapter, you can't post the entire thing. EXCERPTS


Questions? Comments? Concerns? Your friendly mods are ciara_belle, anaid_rabbit, b2wm, and shieldmaidenjen.


Report Form (stolen from marysues)

<B>Story Or Series Title:</B>
<B><STRIKE>Culprit</STRIKE> Author's Name:</B>

<B>Full Name of Sue (plus titles if any):</B>
<B>Full Species(es):</B>
<B>Hair Color (include adjectives):</B>
<B>Eye Color (include adjectives):</B>
<B>Unusual Markings/Colorations:</B>
<B>Special Possessions (if any):</B>

<B>Annoying Origin:</B>
<B>Annoying Connections To Canon Characters:</B>
<B>Annoying Special Abilities:</B>
<B>Other Annoying Traits:</B>

<B>Please include a small sample of the worst of this story:</B>

Feel free to provide links to the story (as long as it not on another livejournal), because we want to share your pain. If you want to do the link with text, use this html:

<a href="http://www.thisstoryisasue.com">Name of Sue Story</a>

Don't forget to check out the Memories below for Sues previously Scourgified if you want to know whether or not a certain Sue has already been reported (not that it cannot happen twice...) or to just get a laugh from some of the past entries.

Now go Scourgify some Sues!

Allies in the War Against Mary Sues (aka our affiliates):

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