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Liquid Rock

My Sign is Scorpio
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October 23-November 21

Night Forces

What I know about Scorpios: strong, educated, have difficulty facing problems, often feels unloved so they become obsessed with sex to get what they need, always getting the front page at an early age, over-acheivers, often feel like they do not have anyone to talk to so they write, cry, stay depressed or harm themselves, the weight of the world is own their shoulders, they wear a different face for the public--no one really knows, does not like to be alone, activist for the community, always very busy with organizations, work, volunteering, very concerned with apperance, working out making sure they have a nice body, very passionate, strong-willed, pretends everything's alright when nothing is, great actors, great personalities, team oriented, will always do what is best for the team, their self-worth is based on how the world sees them, very tolerant of different cultures, loyal--very loyal, has immense faith in something, flexible personalities, fit for survival in almost any situation.

Sylvia Plath
October 27, 1932

Anne Sexton
November 9, 1928

Hilary Clinton
October 26, 1947

Teddy Roosevelt
October 27, 1858

Bill Gates
October 28, 1955

Marie Curie
November 7, 1867

Sean "P. Diddy" Combs
November 4, 1970

Kelly & Jack Osbourne
October 27, 1984 & November 8, 1985