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Science Fiction

Movies and Television

Science Fiction Movies and Television
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This is just a fun place where you can talk about your favourite science fiction movies and give ideas for new movies. You can also post any sci-fi related fanfiction you have done (using existing characters or making up your own). Debates are welcome and arguments are encouraged. Basically, as long as it's sci-fi related you can pretty much do anything.

If you're posting Fanfiction:

I'm not an organization Nazi so this is not etched in stone.

1. Place your fic behind an LJ cut or link to it
2. Include the following

-Title of fic
-your pen name (or real name)
-Disclaimer (I hate ratings and don't think language should be rated, but if your story contains sexual situations, just state what type and leave it at that. I don't want someone reading a fic here and getting offended if you know what I mean)

well that's about it. These aren't the rules and you have to follow the to the letter, these are just things that the readers may be curious to know about the fic they're reading. The content of the fic doesn't matter just as long as it's sci-fi related.

I would also like to say that, if you post fanfiction here, I will most definately read it and comment on it. I love reading what people have to write!.

Well that's it! Have fun!