Ripley and Call
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Fanvid: Ripley/Call - Capital G

Fanwork: Fanvid
Title: Ripley/Call – Capital G
Creator: squilf
Fandom: Alien Resurrection
Pairing: Ripley/Call
Rating: T (13+)
Summary: You might not have liked Alien Resurrection. You might not have even seen Alien Resurrection. But you might like the subtext-laden, eyesex-heavy, girltouchy, femslashy relationship between the main characters, Ripley and Call. Watch this and find out if you do…
Spoilers: Possible spoilers for the film Alien Resurrection.

Watch it here!
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Fic: Brave New World (1/1)

Title: Brave New World
Author: Squilf
Fandom: Alien: Resurrection
Pairing: Ripley/Call
Rating: T (13+)
Summary: Ripley and Call have landed on Earth, a Brave New World. What does the future hold for them? Ripley/Call, femmeslash, some swearing, one-shot.
Disclaimer: I don't own Ripley and Call. But if I did, well...
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that novel live

Guess what. I made a community. Oh yes. that_novel_live.

Yes, I am just about mad enough to write a novel in four weeks and post it as I go. It won't be quite 'live', but it is still a bit scary. So please, join and give me lots of encouragement. I need it.

What's the worst that can happen?


Short Stories

Here is the first of two short stories I wrote involving the mission of the Enterprise B following what we saw of her in Generations. The only characters I kept were John Harriman (the captain) and Demora Sulu (the helmsman). I've also brought back Gillian Taylor (from Star Trek IV) who has finished her education and is now serving as the role of the science officer (which isn't as important as it was what with all the new advances in sensor technology, but it's still an important post.) as well as Guinan who, after having been rescued decides to stay on board, informally) as the ship's counselor (the first instance of this position). The rest of the characters are my own. Hope you like it!

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copyright: Evan Jameson, 2004

Star Trek: Ghosts - Episode Two

Title: Debutant pt. II
Fandom: Star Trek
Characters/pairing: N/A
Your pen name: B
Disclaimer: Sorry, I was a day late. Oh, and though you don't see all of my characters in this episode, and those you do see you only get glimpses of, I'll give points if anyone can tell me how my crew is different from every other Star Trek crew, ever.

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The world of Sci-fi is riddled with sequels. What is rather odd is that the world of sci-fi contains some of the greatest sequels ever made.

Star Wars: A New Hope was so successful that it allowed two sequels to be made, thus leading to the Star Wars Trilogy, one of the greatest series' of movies of all time. It later led to the creation of a second prequel trilogy.

Star Trek: The Original Series led to the creation of an entire Universe. It spawned 3 sequel series', 1 prequel series and 10 movies with one of the most massive fan bases on Earth.

Alien was so shocking a unique that 3 sequels were made for it. While many see the second movie as the only good one, I feel that the second and third one are both excellent in that the first three movies have such different feels to them. (I'm cutting the fourth one out because...well, it sucked). The first was terrifying, the second was visually stunning and action packed with the third being very medieval and religious in nature.

My question to everyone is: What makes an incredible sequel (or prequel)? What is it about certain sequels that make people love them? Nobody sees the Star Wars Trilogy as a movie and two sequels, but rather a single entity, while the Star Wars prequels, though visually impressive, lack that same flawless cohesion. What are people's views of the ideal sci-fi sequel.