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New text theme:
Your opinion on the media
and if you think that it really does change peoples opinions
and how they view themselves.

New scavenger hunt items:
-an instrument that you ACTUALLY play.
-a picture you drew (dosent matter if its on paint or just done by hand)
-an oversized pair of sunglasses
-a blue marker
-a picture of the perfume/body spray/cologne that you use
-something that represents your religion OR beliefes (i dont care what they are)
-a picture of the band whos cd is named:
"World Needs Convincing Of All That It's Missing"
if you try and use google then i'll stab your face.
-an item that you'd describe as being scene.

do it.

and I was thinking of making contests.
what do you think?
rob a bank

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im going to Portland for 10 days to see my sister.

im leaving tuesday morning.
ill be back on a Thursday.
when i get back i will update everything,
so for 10 days the points/members page will be behind.

and members, PLEASE give me a picture of yourself around 200x200 for the members page.

if Maybe the Mod/co-mod want to take charge of the points/members page just tell me and ill give you moderation power for the community i have the page hosted on[scenetrshpoints].