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1. Name:
Alexxxx Marie
2. How old are you?
3. Location:
Cape Coral, Florida.
4. Gender:
5. Sexual Preference:
6. Status:(optional pictures if taken)

1. Bands(no more than 10):
+ Twisted method
+ Makeshift Romeo
+ Tech n9ne
+ Weezer
+ Rob Zombie
+ Panic! at the Disco
+ Mindless Self Indulgence
+ Oleander
+ Skindred
2. Books(3+):
+ Series of Unfortunate events.
+ Romeo and Juliet.
+ Gone with the Wind
3. Movies(3+):
+ Hocus Pocus
+ Rocky Horror Picture Show
+ Chicago
+ House of Wax
+ Fiddler On the Roof.
4. Hobbies:
+ Drawing
+ Dance
+ Singing
+ Swimming
+ Acting
+ Taking care of animals
5. Musician, why?:
No favorite. But Tech n9ne inspires me because he has an extreme talent at singin/rapping very quickly.
6. clothing item(s):
+ Regular jean pants.
+ Felix the cat red faded shirt.
+ Black jackets or sweaters that hang over my shoulder.
+ Skirts over pants.
+ Stud belts.
7. CD, why?:
+I dont really have a favorite CD because i usually download songs and burn them on a cd. Everyone is cheap sometimes. :D

OPINIONS(you don't have to do all, but atleast do 3 AND ANSWER 2+ SENTANCES. kthanx.)
1. George Bush and the war:
Ill do 4 because this one is only going to have one sentance. George Bush needs a chill pill.
2. Abortion:
I don't think it is something you should just deside easily. You need to really think about this when you get the option to have an abortion. If you can take care of that baby and you can live through it, then deal with it. But if this baby will not be taken care of or will hurt you in some mental or emotional way that you will take it out on the child, then by all means, have the abortion. Now when it comes down to if it should be legalized or not, im not sure. I think it shouldnt be legal, but the thing is, it would be nice to know that the option is there if you need it. Its a very hard thing to decide.
3. Myspace:
Some people say myspace is addicting. I think those people need alittle bit more of a life. Its only addicting because you most likely (and im not saying everyone who says that) sit on your computer all day pressing the refresh button every two seconds waiting for a picture comment, message, Etc. But it is a great way to meet new people and get informed through the bullitens, but there is no need to be on it 24/7. And it is NOT a popularity contest, its just a site. And you deffinatly dont need to have 498734 friends and be asking for people to whore you. Ohh and when people IM me or comment and say "comment on my pictures" I wont do it. If I wanted to comment on your pictures, I would have done it earlier before you asked, But now that you asked, I wont do it untill I really have nothing better to do.
4. Drugs/Drinking:
5. Your mom:

I love love love love love my mom. everyone gets in fights with there mom sometimes, but she gives you everything, and she gave you life. I think that Im the one that needs to give my mom a break. They work hard and they dont want to come home to a screaming teen. I know what its like since I have to be with my 16 year old sister everyday. when she leaves the house its great. So I feel for my mom having to deal with me and my sister. I love her, even when I think she is the worst because of the pety fights we get in.
6. Plastic surgery and other body modifications:
Be yourself.  No one is making you change. If you want to end up having 23 pounds of plastice in your face and my guest. But i shall keep my same bust size, and my facial expresians will be of that of a normal persons. :D
7. Organized Religion:
8. Eating Dissorders:

1. What communities have you been rejected from for being "scene trash"?: (optional)
It wasnt for being "scene trash" exactly but it was for the stupidest reasons. Like the fact that i like ONE band they are going to hate me. Or if i have my eyeshadow a certain color. Some people think there this hot shit.
2. Do you have a camera, and are you a cam whore?:
I used to have a camera but it got ran over on holloween. And yes I am most deffinatly a camera whore.
3. Got Myspace?(good time to whore yourself):
Yes indeed.
4. What do you think of the mod(s)?:
Love there hair and pictures in the info section. I think they are very pretty and i love their style.
5. Do you have any sorts of body modifications?:
Belly ring.
6. who is the most and also least scene trash of the members?(we only ask because we want to know what your idea of scene trash is):
This is just by looking so I dont really know butt...
most scene trash:
No one that I see.
least scene trash:
7. Is there someone in your life you look up to, who and why?:
My mom. She does everything she can to help others and she treats her children and family with respect. She has troubles but she is strong and gets through them. She doesnt complain to anyone, she takes care of what needs to be done in her life. He struggles are merely obsticles that she can get through with ease. She is loved by many people for her ability to be a kind and caring person. She loves me the way every mother should love her child/children. I love her.

Promote in 2+ places. I really don't care where it is, just do it. The link for banners is on the main page under "links" section.(but promoting to actually people and actual communities gives you ass kissing points)

PICTURES(5+, contrasted or not. Just not huge)

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