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1. Name:
ceecee mooneyy
2. How old are you?
3. Location:
4. Gender:
5. Sexual Preference:
6. Status:(optional pictures if taken)
single ;]

1. Bands(no more than 10):
+ Eisley
+ The Blood Brothers
+ From Autumn To Ashes
+ Everclear
+ A Heartwell Ending
+ Jimmy Eat World
+ Mindless Self Indulgence
+ The Shins
+ The Academy Is
+ Weezer
2. Books(3+):
+ Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
+ Candy
+ You Don't Know Me
+ Sweetblood
+ Romeo And Juliet
3. Movies(3+):
+ Alice In Wonderland
+ Party Monster
+ Fight Club
+ Finding Neverland
+ Garden State
+ Never Ending Story
+ The Labyrinth
4. Hobbies:
+ html
+ myspace
+ ddr
+ trampoline
+ writing
+ friends
+ movies
5. Musician, why?:
I don't really have a favorite musician.. I just like a whole bunch of artists and bands and try not to favor just one.
6. clothing item(s):
+ long sleeved teal shirt
+ "enjoy california" t-shirt
+ light purple half jacket with thin white stripes
+ shrug type jackets
+ my mutlicolored scarf =3
7. CD, why?:
+Weezer "Make Believe"
I like this CD because it's so cute.. I can find a song on that CD that I can relate to in some way, shape or form. The lyrics of all of the songs are just so well put together, and the songs themselves bring a smile to my face when i hear a single chord. I love Weezer.

OPINIONS(you don't have to do all, but atleast do 3 AND ANSWER 2+ SENTANCES. kthanx.)
1. George Bush and the war:
2. Abortion:
I don't think it should be legal, because you're killing the next generation! The baby you are aborting could be the next Albert Einstein, or a new age Van Gogh. But, there are cases where I think that you could make an exception for an abortion.. Like if the woman would not be able to mother the child or she would die during the birth or if it was rape. Those are just my opinions, though..
3. Myspace:
I think it's a good place to get to know some other people from other states and everything, and it is like a popularity contest. But I like MySpace because I can make my own layout and put it up and modify it and everything.. Plus, a lot of my friends have a MySpace, so I enjoy leaving them comments and receiving them.
4. Drugs/Drinking:
5. Your mom:
My mom can get irritating sometimes, but when she's not totally bitching, she's a total trip and we have so much fun together. She's totally laid back, but she has her moments when she is just weird or she tells me to clean up my room when it's already clean. But all in all, I'd say that I love my mom. :]
6. Plastic surgery and other body modifications:
7. Organized Religion:
8. Eating Dissorders:

1. What communities have you been rejected from for being "scene trash"?: (optional)
2. Do you have a camera, and are you a cam whore?:
I do have a camera, and I am a cam whore, I admit it.
3. Got Myspace?(good time to whore yourself):
I do have a myspace!
whoa | reverse
4. What do you think of the mod(s)?:
I think that they all seem really cool and have a nice sense of style. ps. they look like fun.
5. Do you have any sorts of body modifications?:
well, not really.. I have two piercings in each of my ears, but that doesn't really count, does it?
Besides, I rarely wear earrings..
6. who is the most and also least scene trash of the members?(we only ask because we want to know what your idea of scene trash is):
most scene trash:
least scene trash:
7. Is there someone in your life you look up to, who and why?:
I guess that I would look up to my friends. They're all so smart and they really know how to work their way out of straining situations, and they know how to help people. They all pretty much make the right decisions and they are kind of guiding me down the right path, and I look up to them because one day I really would like to do the same for someone else.

Promote in 2+ places. I really don't care where it is, just do it. The link for banners is on the main page under "links" section.(but promoting to actually people and actual communities gives you ass kissing points)
PICTURES(5+, contrasted or not. Just not huge)

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