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bang bang

1. Name: brittany
2. How old are you? i'm 15.
3. Location: Virginia
4. Gender: Female
5. Sexual Preference: i'm currently questioning this.
6. Status:(optional pictures if taken) im single.

1. Bands(no more than 10): goodness. okay, this is in no particular order. against me!, wu-tang clan, miss kittin and the hacker, ladytron, tilly and the wall, anal cunt, the brides, prince, the unicorns, duran duran
2. Books(3+): honestly, i can read pretty much anything. but a few of my favorites are jitterbug perfume, lolita, and i never loved your mind.
3. Movies(3+): igby goes down, requiem for a dream, cry baby, and eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.
4. Hobbies: writing, drinking tea, napping, drawing/journaling, watching iron chef, shopping, and i spend alot of time on roof tops.
5. Musician, why?: i don't really have a favorite single musician. but i like imogen heap and trent reznor.
6. clothing item(s): shoes, scarves, sweaters.
7. CD, why?: i don't have one.

OPINIONS(you don't have to do all, but atleast do 3 AND ANSWER 2+ SENTANCES. kthanx.)
1. George Bush and the war:
2. Abortion: i am pro-choice. i belive that a woman has the right to do whatever she sees fir for her body, health and well being. the government should not be allowed to say what she can or cannot do.
3. Myspace:
4. Drugs/Drinking:
5. Your mom: my mom is my personal hero, with out her i would go crazy. she's the single most understanding, tolerant, beautiful woman i've ever known. she was the only thing i had for a while and she's made it through so much, she's really someone to look up to. :)
6. Plastic surgery and other body modifications:</b>
7. Organized Religion:</b> i am not involved with any organized religion, but i am spiritual. i don't know why we're here, how we got here or any of that. all i know is that we're here and we have to make the most of it. i think it's good to have something to believe in.
8. Eating Disorders:</b>

1. What communities have you been rejected from for being "scene trash"?: (optional) n/a
2. Do you have a camera, and are you a cam whore?: yes and yes.
3. Got Myspace?(good time to whore yourself): yes.
4. What do you think of the mod(s)?: they're totally adorable.
5. Do you have any sorts of body modifications?: no. unless you count my monroe.
6. who is the most and also least scene trash of the members?(we only ask because we want to know what your idea of scene trash is): i'm...not really sure what scene trash is and i can't find a specific place where all of the members are, so i don't know.
7. Is there someone in your life you look up to, who and why?:b> my mom.

Promote in 2+ places. I really don't care where it is, just do it. The link for banners is on the main page under "links" section.(but promoting to actually people and actual communities gives you ass kissing points)
i'll do another later?

PICTURES(5+, contrasted or not. Just not huge)
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Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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