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[09 Dec 2004|07:03pm]

Hey everyone!!

I know some of you have been looking for icons for your journals..
I made some animated ones..

The set includes:
+Rex Manning
(so basically everyone..)

you can find them at the links below!


If you like what you see then just remember to credit xfaithnomore in keywords! Thanks! :)
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[30 Sep 2004|03:47pm]

I was wondering if anybody would be kind enough to make me an icon of Mark.
It doesn't matter what.
Just ANYBODY who has some good ones,
feel free to comment this with any/all of them.
Credit will be given.
Many a thanks.

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[20 Nov 2004|09:36pm]


Icons for anyone who wants em. I also do customizations. And I am updating the community info. :)
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[18 Nov 2004|11:42am]

LUCAS: Is the zany philosophical nutcase. Who hates money, but stole 9,104 bucks from the store and went to Atlantic City and lost it all! But all in hopes to Save the Empire from sell out! And his humor helps his co-workers along enough to save the store and give everyone lot of laughs!

AJ: Is the sweet goofy, great artist, who doesn't know his talent + is scared to go to Art School. He also is madly in love w/his girl best bud, Corey. And will tell her today by 1:37! And soon Corey realizes she loves him too! He's also gonna go to Art school in Boston to be with her!

COREY: Is the nice good girl who's going to Harvard! She is a virgin, but wants to loose it today to Rex Manning-her idol! She chickens out + now hates jerky! She also finds out she loves her best friend AJ and he's the one for her! Doubtful she'll be a virgin much longer!

GINA: Is the perkyish slut of the bunch! She's good buds w/Corey till she screws Rex! She wants to sing, but doesn't have the guts! Finally she makes up with Corey, becomes friends with Deb, + even sings at the Rave they throw to save Empire with Berko's band!

DEB: Is the lonely and at times, bitchy one. She tried to commit suicide last night, but failed! She thinks no one loves her + is very depressed! But they all do love her and show her by throwing her a fake funeral! Soon she becomes happy and knows everyone does love her!

MARK: Is the wacky nutty one! He wants to start a band called Marc! Loves moshing and Pink Floyd and Axl Rose! Takes his Dope in the form of brownies his pal, Eddie, made for him! And somehow manages to come up w/the plan to save Empire! And it works!
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car is pissing me off [16 Nov 2004|04:00pm]


My car is pissing me off and joe is gonna be pissed off. my car won't start and i am stuck at school. I am gonna be late for work. and the guy said he can't be out here for a 1/2 hour. what bbs is that. ahhh. and lucas isn't picking up the phone. Damn the buckethead.

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In class [16 Nov 2004|08:04am]

[ mood | amused ]

Hi everyone,

Joe called me last ngith around ten and said i have work. I HAVE WORK ON MY ONLY DAY OFF. jesus christ. what is wrong with people these days. well neyways cory and i work together but i don't know who else. OHH... yea i do that new kid warren that just started working at there is. OMG he freaks me out. after what he did to the store why would joe let him work there. I mean i understand Joe believes in giving people chances but omg. He is Phyco. HELLO HE SHOT AT AJ. but heis kinda cute in some odd strange way ya know.

There is this band that is looking for a singer i might try out. i mean after singing the other time for saving the empire i felt great. I loved it Berko was awesome for letting me do that. I wonder if he let me do it again.

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[15 Nov 2004|09:00pm]

Hi! okay so I've already accepted a mark into the community ( psychtrip_thing feel free to add yourself to the community I'm guessing you've RPed before since you knew what to do, and so join and add me.)

Everyone else.
I've accepted everyone who applied as some character.
Typically the first one they requested.
However, you all applied as your regular journal names. What you need to make is a character journal. Take a look at mine corey_not_fine where I basically wrote a bio, and a sample journal entry from corey's point of view.

The cool thing about htis movie is it only took place over one day. So we'll start our RPing the day after. So corey and aj are an item, deb told everyone about her suicide attempt, gina sang with the band, mark got high, lucas stole 9 grand and they all saved the store.

I'd also love it if everyone got an AIM name. That way we can chat as the characters and stuff. it makes RPing really interesting.

But yeah, basically the movie layed the groundwork, now just stay within the boundaries of what your character would do (IE Mark would not commit suicide, or go ot harvard lol) And have fun with it! please keep everything relatively friendly. Post your in character posts in your character journal, and anything out of character (like letting me know if you cant be updating for logn periods of time, or concerns) on this journal. And without further ado I have picked the following people to make character journals for the following characters:

kaymelissakay, please make a journal for DEB
xfaithnomore, please make a journal for AJ
kiss_thesky089, please make a journal for EDDIE
jerseygirl920, please make a journal for GINA
Aim names too guys, if possible.

Your characters will remain reserved for a day or so, if you still dont make a journal or anything I'll make the character open again. Sorry. Thems the rules.

So that means the following characters are still up for grabs:
Mitch (if anyone actually wants to play mitch lol)

Okay? Okay! Fanatsic. Also if anyone WANTS to make up little back stories and creat original characters from either the top of their head, or from characters in the movie (IE the ballerina mark has a crush on, or one of the goth chicks from the end of the movie, or Berko's drummer, etc) let me know. I may not accept those right now, but once all the main characters are basically filled we'll talk! okay start updating, IMing, and having fun!

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[14 Nov 2004|09:34pm]


Doooo it! All positions open except Cory. Played by me, the moderator.
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[21 Sep 2004|12:57pm]

Hey, everythings all set. Start making journals and claiming characters! And have fun!!! :)
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