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His Evil White Majesty

Political Correctness and The War On Terror

You know, I can't understand why the far left doesn't get behind certain provisions of the Patriot act more than they do. After all, those provisions are just so damn politically "correct", you know.

I'm serious! It's just too damn liberal for me in many aspects!

Think about it. You have to have random searches at the airport and subways rather than use common sense. What I mean is, the screeners often have to search some 50-year old grandmother with red hair but if they see four swarthy kids of Middle Eastern stock carrying backpacks (sorry, but this is statistically the demographic of at least 90% of the terrorists out there) they get nervous about searching them for fear of an ACLU lawsuit.

Now how stupid is that? We're made to act like idiots so that we don't appear insensitive. We're made to act like morons so that we don't appear mean-spirited. We're made to act retarded so that nobody can accuse us of racial profiling.

It's like this. If the IRA were acting up in the UK again, I'd fully expect to be searched if I traveled there because I fit Scotland Yard's profile of an IRA terrorist, at least insofar as I've clearly got Irish in my genetic makeup. I wouldn't complain, either.

My thoughts for the day:

1) Political "correctness" can and will needlessly cost us lives.

2) Scrap most the Patriot Act in favor of a little common sense.

3) ACLU pamphlets aren't quite as good as Charmin for wiping one's butt but they'll do in a pinch.

Until next time, my friends!

Muahahaha... ;-)