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Michael Savage

Pwecious Widdle Feewings From Wicca and the ACLU

Okay, check out this shit.

Wiccan boy booted for wearing lipstick

My commentary?

A California high-school student who practices Wiccan beliefs says his rights have been violated after being suspended this week for wearing lipstick and makeup.

More on that in a second.

"If I can't wear makeup, then the girls or the staff can't wear makeup either," 16-year-old James Herndon told the San Bernadino Sun, believing his constitutional right to free expression is being violated.

I partially agree with this. Students shouldn't be allowed to wear lipstick, gang colors, concert t-shirts, or any other such crap. But when did this stupid idea that school is a place for "free expression" start? You're not there to "express yourself" in such a way! You're there to get an education! Wanna' express yourself in school? Go take art class or creative writing. Leave your lipstick at home.

He says the cosmetics help him express his neopagan religious beliefs in the supernatural, which he shares with his mother, Valerie Wallace, a Wiccan priestess.

Okay, as an ex-Wiccan myself, I call bullshit on this. The Wiccan Rede of Chivalry does not require anyone to wear goth-punk makeup. This is an out and out lie. In fact, most of the old guard hippies that ran the show back when I was a Wiccan would have discouraged any kind of makeup that was dark and spooky looking even though they wouldn't have made any sort of actual rules against it.

"After my divorce from his father, he became very depressed, and wearing the makeup makes him feel good," Wallace said.

BWAH HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Dude, you're in high school now. Cut the umbilical cord for fuck's sake. Quit sucking on mommy's tit, hokey dokey?

Herndon, who is repeating his sophomore year, has reportedly been wearing the black lipstick and red eye makeup the entire time he's been attending Pacific High School. He also sports a red mohawk hairdo, though that was not cited as a reason for his five-day suspension.

You hear that? This spoiled little Wiccan is repeating his sophomore year:

"My mommy says I don't have to study cuz' I'm going through some problems! I've got a lot on my mind! GET OFF MY BACK, MAAAN!!!"

Lynda Savage, a San Bernardino City Unified School District board member, told the paper "without knowing all the details, my gut reaction is to support the principal. We don't suspend students just because. I suspect this student was a distraction to other students. We bend over backwards to provide our students better educational choices. I think this student needed to make a better choice."

But the local chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union disagrees, believing codes protecting freedom of expression and guarding against gender discrimination seem to have been violated.

Ah, the good old Asswipe Communist Liars Union. They're back once again! To wit:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

"Tee hee hee hee. Hi, everybody!

I'm Steve Shapiro, Legal Director for the ACLU!

I like to molest little boys!

Tee hee hee hee."

"High school is the time where many students are expressing themselves and really finding themselves and so to suspend the student is such a severe punishment it's wrong," said ACLU staff attorney Christine Sun. "It's wrong not only as a legal matter, but it's not good policy."

Translation: Blahblahblah, blah blah blah, blahblahblah, meaningless lib-bot bullshit talking point. *POOOOOOOOOT!!!*

James plans on wearing the makeup when he returns to class on Monday.

Another translation: But my pwecious widdle feewings are special to me! ::cries like a pussy:: I'm going to do whatever I want because my mommy and the Assclown Crybaby Lawyers Association say it's my RIGHT to make myself look like a total bitch, so there!

"My son shouldn't change the way he is," his mother said.

Damn. Just fucking...damn. Lady, your son is going to have a ton of problems later in life. And I'm betting that they'll involve drugs, a pumpkin suit, prison guards, and having Big Bubba force him to explore his sexuality in the shower room. Madam, you are a fucking moron.
His Evil White Majesty

Political Correctness and The War On Terror

You know, I can't understand why the far left doesn't get behind certain provisions of the Patriot act more than they do. After all, those provisions are just so damn politically "correct", you know.

I'm serious! It's just too damn liberal for me in many aspects!

Think about it. You have to have random searches at the airport and subways rather than use common sense. What I mean is, the screeners often have to search some 50-year old grandmother with red hair but if they see four swarthy kids of Middle Eastern stock carrying backpacks (sorry, but this is statistically the demographic of at least 90% of the terrorists out there) they get nervous about searching them for fear of an ACLU lawsuit.

Now how stupid is that? We're made to act like idiots so that we don't appear insensitive. We're made to act like morons so that we don't appear mean-spirited. We're made to act retarded so that nobody can accuse us of racial profiling.

It's like this. If the IRA were acting up in the UK again, I'd fully expect to be searched if I traveled there because I fit Scotland Yard's profile of an IRA terrorist, at least insofar as I've clearly got Irish in my genetic makeup. I wouldn't complain, either.

My thoughts for the day:

1) Political "correctness" can and will needlessly cost us lives.

2) Scrap most the Patriot Act in favor of a little common sense.

3) ACLU pamphlets aren't quite as good as Charmin for wiping one's butt but they'll do in a pinch.

Until next time, my friends!

Muahahaha... ;-)
His Evil White Majesty

Yet Another Reason Why I Don't Believe In Multiculturalism

Hat-tip to rightwingprof for the link.

Victim ordered to wed rapist

BOMBAY -- Hard-line Islamic clerics in a northern Indian village have declared that a woman's 10-year-old marriage was nullified when her father-in-law raped her -- and ordered the mother of five to marry the rapist.

The fatwa, or religious edict, was issued by Darool Uloom Deoband, South Asia's most powerful Islamic theological school known for promoting a radical brand of Islam that is said to have inspired the Taliban in Afghanistan.

This is just heartbreaking. This is why I say the things that I do about multiculturalism and Islam in particular.