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His Evil White Majesty

Will Israel Invade Gaza?

Israel Threatens to Invade Gaza Strip

JERUSALEM - Israel threatened Sunday to invade Gaza if Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas does not control militants who have stepped up rocket and mortar attacks ahead of Israel's planned pullout from the coastal strip next month.

Well, at least we're seeing a little toughness from Sharon.

Abbas pledged to do his utmost to stop the barrages but warned that an invasion of Gaza would "sabotage everything."

More empty words from a Muslim. Abbas is ineffective at best and probably secrtly in cahoots with the terrorists at worst. And pardon me but aren't the Palestinians the ones sabotaging everything?

More than 100 rockets and mortars have rained down on Gaza settlements and Israeli villages just outside the territory in the last four days. Hamas leaders say they are retaliating for Israeli violations of the truce.

But one leader said the main reason for the barrage was to show that Israeli settlers were fleeing Gaza under fire rather than in a planned evacuation.

Did you get that last part? Just goes to show that terrorists, particularly Islamic terrorists, view playing nice as a sign of weakness. It only emboldens them.

Never play nice when terrorists are involved. Simply kill them.