Pro-family Rally Draws Thousands in Belgium

BRUSSELS, Belgium, SEPT. 11, 2005 (Zenit.org).- Organizers say more than 4,000 people took part in a pro-family march in Brussels that protested legislation that would allow homosexual couples to adopt children.

"The Family Is Truly Important!" was the theme of Saturday's rally in the city's Parc du Cinquantenaire, organized by the Institute of Family Policies. The demonstrators represented 10 international pro-family federations and 600 not-for-profit organizations.

Preceding the event, some 20,000 signatures were obtained in support of the idea of marriage being only between a man and a woman, and the right of children to have a father and a mother.

Organizers clarified that the rally was not a rejection of homosexuals, but rather a rejection of same-sex unions being given the same status as a traditional marriage.

The Belgian episcopal conference supported the march with a statement calling the event "a peaceful gesture in favor of the family."

As a show of support for the march, Spanish families protested in front of the Belgian embassies and consulates in Madrid, Barcelona, Granada, Seville, Malaga, Mallorca and Tenerife.

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The media always goes on about how great the socialist European paradise is, but you would be surprised what the Dutch are really thinking or others for that matter. Just look at the Flemish.
Anywhoo, zenit is a Vatican news service, and I get the daily newsletter, so props to Zenit.org.
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Michael Savage

Pwecious Widdle Feewings From Wicca and the ACLU

Okay, check out this shit.

Wiccan boy booted for wearing lipstick

My commentary?

A California high-school student who practices Wiccan beliefs says his rights have been violated after being suspended this week for wearing lipstick and makeup.

More on that in a second.

"If I can't wear makeup, then the girls or the staff can't wear makeup either," 16-year-old James Herndon told the San Bernadino Sun, believing his constitutional right to free expression is being violated.

I partially agree with this. Students shouldn't be allowed to wear lipstick, gang colors, concert t-shirts, or any other such crap. But when did this stupid idea that school is a place for "free expression" start? You're not there to "express yourself" in such a way! You're there to get an education! Wanna' express yourself in school? Go take art class or creative writing. Leave your lipstick at home.

He says the cosmetics help him express his neopagan religious beliefs in the supernatural, which he shares with his mother, Valerie Wallace, a Wiccan priestess.

Okay, as an ex-Wiccan myself, I call bullshit on this. The Wiccan Rede of Chivalry does not require anyone to wear goth-punk makeup. This is an out and out lie. In fact, most of the old guard hippies that ran the show back when I was a Wiccan would have discouraged any kind of makeup that was dark and spooky looking even though they wouldn't have made any sort of actual rules against it.

"After my divorce from his father, he became very depressed, and wearing the makeup makes him feel good," Wallace said.

BWAH HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Dude, you're in high school now. Cut the umbilical cord for fuck's sake. Quit sucking on mommy's tit, hokey dokey?

Herndon, who is repeating his sophomore year, has reportedly been wearing the black lipstick and red eye makeup the entire time he's been attending Pacific High School. He also sports a red mohawk hairdo, though that was not cited as a reason for his five-day suspension.

You hear that? This spoiled little Wiccan is repeating his sophomore year:

"My mommy says I don't have to study cuz' I'm going through some problems! I've got a lot on my mind! GET OFF MY BACK, MAAAN!!!"

Lynda Savage, a San Bernardino City Unified School District board member, told the paper "without knowing all the details, my gut reaction is to support the principal. We don't suspend students just because. I suspect this student was a distraction to other students. We bend over backwards to provide our students better educational choices. I think this student needed to make a better choice."

But the local chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union disagrees, believing codes protecting freedom of expression and guarding against gender discrimination seem to have been violated.

Ah, the good old Asswipe Communist Liars Union. They're back once again! To wit:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

"Tee hee hee hee. Hi, everybody!

I'm Steve Shapiro, Legal Director for the ACLU!

I like to molest little boys!

Tee hee hee hee."

"High school is the time where many students are expressing themselves and really finding themselves and so to suspend the student is such a severe punishment it's wrong," said ACLU staff attorney Christine Sun. "It's wrong not only as a legal matter, but it's not good policy."

Translation: Blahblahblah, blah blah blah, blahblahblah, meaningless lib-bot bullshit talking point. *POOOOOOOOOT!!!*

James plans on wearing the makeup when he returns to class on Monday.

Another translation: But my pwecious widdle feewings are special to me! ::cries like a pussy:: I'm going to do whatever I want because my mommy and the Assclown Crybaby Lawyers Association say it's my RIGHT to make myself look like a total bitch, so there!

"My son shouldn't change the way he is," his mother said.

Damn. Just fucking...damn. Lady, your son is going to have a ton of problems later in life. And I'm betting that they'll involve drugs, a pumpkin suit, prison guards, and having Big Bubba force him to explore his sexuality in the shower room. Madam, you are a fucking moron.

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Radio host thrives
on Savage attacks

Michael Savage

WOR evening host Michael Savage gets pretty good numbers for a guy who, over 10 years in radio, may have antagonized half the world.

The latest estimate by Talkers magazine is that Savage has more than 8.5 million listeners a week, tying him with Howard Stern as the third-most listened-to host in America, behind Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.

On WOR, 6-9 p.m. nightly, his show has inched ahead of WABC (770 AM) - the only WOR show to do so.

He didn't do this moderately.

Liberals? His latest best-selling book is unsubtly titled, "Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder."

He likes some of President Bush's policies until you get to immigration and Iraq, battles Savage charges Bush is too lily-livered to win.

In 2003, gay groups helped kill Savage's MSNBC show by convincing sponsors to leave after he told a caller, "I hope you get AIDS and die."

He said he didn't know his mic was live.

He jabs other talk hosts, including Hannity and Limbaugh, whom he sometimes calls "Hush Bimbo" - though he says it's not personal, just political.

"They sell themselves short when they swallow and spit out the Republican line," he said. "To them, everything Bush does is great. How is that humanly possible, to agree with someone about everything? They lose credibility. Plus, it's boring."

Savage calls himself a "true conservative" who would "practice random acts of violence" in countries that harbor terrorists and round up all immigrants who don't support America.

Some call this bigotry that promotes a dangerous us-and-them mentality.

"More and more people see I'm right," Savage said.

And oh, by the way, he also enjoys both argument and competition.

For instance, he loves being ahead of WABC, which dropped him in 2003 when he left its sister KFSO in San Francisco.

"What ABC did was outrageous," he said. "Not to mention stupid. So this is sweet."

Savage traces his fighting spirit in part to his youth.

"I went to school in the Bronx," he recalled. "Going to the bathroom and getting out alive was a major victory. That's also where I started talking fast."

And being funny.

"That's one of his strengths," said Talkers editor Michael Harrison. "He mixes contemporary politics with old-fashioned Borscht Belt humor. He can be deadly serious or he can be playing with you. Sometimes it takes people a while to realize that."

"I take things to an extreme sometimes," Savage said, "to make a point."

And if a fight breaks out, well, that's okay, too, as long as it stays on the radio.

"A guy came to my table at dinner the other night and insulted me," he said. "I got up and left. I said, 'I know where this is going,' and if it does, I'm the one who's going to end up in jail."

He doesn't brood over things like that, he says, though he admits he occasionally thinks it would be fun to get back on TV.

"I'd do it differently this time," he said. "Radio talk doesn't work on TV. I'd do a variety show. I'd set it in a bar, with good-looking women and dogs walking around. I'd be the bartender. Uncle Mike. We'd talk like people talk in a bar.

"With maybe a little politics."


Anti-War Protests Target Wounded at Army Hospital

By Marc Morano
CNSNews.com Senior Staff Writer
August 25, 2005

Washington (CNSNews.com) - The Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C., the current home of hundreds of wounded veterans from the war in Iraq, has been the target of weekly anti-war demonstrations since March. The protesters hold signs that read "Maimed for Lies" and "Enlist here and die for Halliburton."

The anti-war demonstrators, who obtain their protest permits from the Washington, D.C., police department, position themselves directly in front of the main entrance to the Army Medical Center, which is located in northwest D.C., about five miles from the White House.

Among the props used by the protesters are mock caskets, lined up on the sidewalk to represent the death toll in Iraq.

Code Pink Women for Peace, one of the groups backing anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan's vigil outside President Bush's ranch in Crawford Texas, organizes the protests at Walter Reed as well.

Some conservative supporters of the war call the protests, which have been ignored by the establishment media, "shameless" and have taken to conducting counter-demonstrations at Walter Reed. "[The anti-war protesters] should not be demonstrating at a hospital. A hospital is not a suitable location for an anti-war demonstration," said Bill Floyd of the D.C. chapter of FreeRepublic.com, who stood across the street from the anti-war demonstrators on Aug. 19.

"I believe they are tormenting our wounded soldiers and they should just leave them alone," Floyd added.

According to the Walter Reed Army Medical Center, nearly 4,000 individuals involved in the Iraq war were treated at the facility as of March of this year, 1,050 of whom were wounded in battle

Full article

ALERT!: This is getting no attention anywhere in the press
Post this EVERYWHERE on lj!!!!!

baseball cap tip Laura Ingraham

Wow... this was from Ted Nugent sounding very Savagesque

This spring, Ted Nugent — rock musician and gun fan — screamed to the NRA crowd, "To show you how radical I am, I want carjackers dead. I want rapists dead. I want burglars dead. I want child molesters dead. I want the bad guys dead. No court case. No parole. No early release."


Border Activist's Ranch Turned Over to Migrants

From Associated Press
An Arizona ranch once owned by a member of an armed group accused by civil rights organizations of terrorizing illegal immigrants has been turned over to two of the very people the owner had tried keep out of the country.

The land transfer was done to satisfy a judgment against Casey Nethercott, a member of a self-styled border-watch group who is serving a five-year prison term for firearms possession.

Morris Dees Jr., chief trial counsel of the Southern Poverty Law Center, which represented the immigrants, said this week he hoped the ruling would be a cautionary tale to anyone considering hostile measures against border crossers.

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Listen to the wording in this case: "[Ranch Rescue's] unlawful actions, motivated by racial animus, intimdate Latino travelers in the border region and put them at risk of being assaulted, detained, or worse."

So instead of illegal immigrants, our new buzzword is 'Latino travelers'. Great. And God forbid they be afraid to cross the border.

By the way, I don't know if that headline is from AP or the LA Times, where I clipped this from... but doesn't 'migrants' sound so much more legitimate?

:: pukes ::

Heard about this on Michael Savage today, who's turning this into a personal crusade. More to come, I'm sure.

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Fluff You

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I thought it might interest the people in this community that my uncle-in-law recently was hired as a contractor in Iraq. He left last month, and I just recieved an e-mail from him about his time over there. Apparently, the Iraqi contracting methods are similar to the US's methods from over 35 years ago. The men wear flip flops to work instead of safety shoes, and they never use balances or lines to make sure the building is level. They also must slaughter a sheep over the foundation site once the footings have been set and then they eat that sheep that night for dinner...this is thier way to ensure the building will have good luck. The point of his company being there is to teach the Iraqi engineers safer ways of building...without being offensive of course, they're very carefull not to call the work "inferior" (though it is) but instead they say "different"...so that one day they can take over the rebuilding of their country. His team is building things like police stations and the like. He says that though he is the cheif engineer, he very rarley acctually goes to the job site, as the terrorist attacks make that too unsafe. So he must communicate to his team via e-mail and phone. There are Iraqi engineers on site that report recieving death threats and attempted blackmail (to pay for crew saftey from the terrorists) on a reuglar basis from the terrorists.

He works with 20 male engineers, but there is one female Iraqi engineer. He says when the first met, he tried to shake her hand (like you would here when introducing yourself to a coworker) but she politley refused and explained that while men are allowed to shake hands, women are not. Below is a pic of Unc (in fatigues) and the Iraqi engineers.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

There are also a variety of strange shops arround the base apparently. Try to see how many oddly assorted items you can find....it's fun.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

He says it's a very hard place to be, and that it's taken him some time to adjust to the life style over there.

Just thought I'd share.