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Okay, everybody must view Pallywood†. It's basically a news story about Palestinians staging incidents to make the Israelis look bad. Now, mind you, this isn't from some right wing extremist or pro-Israel site. This is repotage from 60 Minutes.

I know some of you reading this think that Israel is nothing but a bunch of bad guys and that the Palestinians are nothing but sweet little unrine-smelling angels. But after watching this, how can you pro-Palestinian types ever look at the whole movement without a discerning eye ever again? Hmm? And did you notice how those Palestinians near the beginning of the piece were sporting a homemade banner emblazoned with a red swastika? Nice people.

::rolls eyes::

What I found especially amusing was the "dead" Palestinian in the third scene in Jenin climbing back up on the funeral bier by himself twice! Did you see the onlookers scatter that second time? Hahahaha! Undead PalestinIans!

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"Do not test my undead wrath, you supporters of the zionist overlord mafia! I will eat the flesh of your children! I will tear your flesh from your bones with my teeth! Allah alu akbar!"

†-link credit to drunken_leper.
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News At The Top 'O The Hour . . .

I am listening to the Savage Nation when the news kicks on during a break. I hear the report that FEMA is going to give out $2,000.00 to Rita victims in East Texas. I am not opposed to helping the Hurricane ravaged areas. I was on the far west side of the storm, which means tropical storm wind and a little rain. The only damage I suffered was a broken tree branch, but the pine out front is being eaten by bugs. The power here never even blinked. We were lucky.

What perplexes me is how did they deal with these storms fifty years ago? There was no FEMA in the past. How did they rebuild? How did they survive without power? How did the survive without food shipments? How did they make it without water? I heard Port Arthur is running out of food. They have no power or water. FEMA is out of emergency rations called KE. What did the people who lived here decades ago do when these storms came? People back then died in storms, and cities in the past were severely damaged by storms. However, government agencies whose purpose was to wipe your ass did not exist at that time.

There are things people can do to limit damage. The utilities can be buried underground, and I mean all of the utilities. Kingwood went thirty hours without power because their mainlines were built above ground, but all the other power lines where buried, which means it was the mainlines of the grid that failed. Homes can be built to take more of a pounding. Flooding is something that cannot be stopped, but wind damage can be limited. Public buildings both private and governmental can be built to take a pounding. Evacuation rail lines can be built to move people off the coastline, and used the rest of the time for cargo and tourist travel. (The road system and gasoline supplies failed the evacuation, and actually generated casualties.) People themselves can keep hurricane/survival kits packed with one week of supplies and purchase generators. They could install hurricane clips on their windows and have wood cut to fit the clips and windows or storm shutters can be installed. Hell hurricane proof windows even exist!

I ask what did our gulf coast fore-bearers do in the past when storms slammed into them? They seemed to have survived, but I guess they never learned. I just do not like the idea of government having to subsidize everybody. It spreads weakness by making people dependent upon it. I think that is becoming apparent.
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Demolition Man . . .

I was listening to the radio, and I heard the hourly news break. It seems in Spain for helping to organize major terrorist attacks, which were successful a few years back on September eleventh, one only gets 27 years in prison. I am beginning to think one could go to Europe, and act like characters from the movie Demolition Man. Commit any crime you want across the pond, and it seems at the most they will do is take away 20 years of your life, which will be spent in some country club.

*Yes, I survived the storm of the century.
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Told from the mother of a son in the U.S. military:

One of my sons serves in the military. He is still stateside, here in California. He called me to let me know how warm and welcoming people were to him, and his troops, everywhere he goes, telling me how people shake their hands, and thank them for being willing to serve, and fight, for not only our own freedoms but so that others may have them also.

But he also told me about an incident in the grocery store he stopped at on his way home from the base. He said that ahead of several people in front of him stood a woman dressed in a burkha.

He said when she got to the cashier she loudly remarked about the U.S. flag lapel pin the cashier wore on her smock. The cashier reached up and touched the pin, and said proudly, "Yes, I always wear it and probably always will."

The woman in the burkha then asked the cashier when she was going to stop bombing her countryman, explaining that she was Iraqi. A gentleman standing behind my son stepped forward, putting his arm around my son's shoulders, and nodding towards my son, said In a calm and gentle voice to the Iraqi woman: "Lady, hundreds of thousands of men and women like this young man have fought and died so that YOU could stand here, in MY country and accuse a check-out cashier of bombing YOUR countrymen. It is my belief that had you been this outspoken in YOUR own country, we wouldn't need to be there today. But, hey, if you have now learned how to speak out so loudly and dearly, I'll gladly buy you a ticket and pay your way back to Iraq so you can straighten out the mess in YOUR country that you are obviously here in MY country to avoid."

Everyone within hearing distance cheered!

Take that, burkha-wearing freedom-"hating" woman! Here is the link where I found the story: http://www.drlaura.com/letters/index.html?mode=view&tile=1&id=10278
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