Der Kaiser (jennersen) wrote in _savage_nation_,
Der Kaiser

Nuclear Jihad: Can Terrorists Get . . .

I am currently sitting in bed watching the Discovery Time Channel, dish network: 192, and they are running a documentry on A. Q. Khan. He is the father of the "islamabomb."

He is also the reason for so much proliferation. This program shows photos of this son of a bitch loading a Pakistanian Air Force C-130 with materials needed to help construct nuclear weapons to Libya. Question: what does George Bush Jr. do about this? Answer: NOTHING. Our spy network helped sabotage his profliferation with the UK; however, the only reason we do not do anything about him because we want to play nice with Pakistan.

I swear, western government needs to get a vision beyond what can I do to get by and help my buddies. We are going to suffer for this insane globalist nonesense, be it either neo-con or liberal. It is time for a nationalist who understands people like these and certain nations are our enemy, and they need to do something about this before our "acceptable losses" of a life is going to be the one's that suffer.
Tags: terrorism

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