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[Edit:X-posted from my own journal.]

Okay, everybody must view Pallywood†. It's basically a news story about Palestinians staging incidents to make the Israelis look bad. Now, mind you, this isn't from some right wing extremist or pro-Israel site. This is repotage from 60 Minutes.

I know some of you reading this think that Israel is nothing but a bunch of bad guys and that the Palestinians are nothing but sweet little unrine-smelling angels. But after watching this, how can you pro-Palestinian types ever look at the whole movement without a discerning eye ever again? Hmm? And did you notice how those Palestinians near the beginning of the piece were sporting a homemade banner emblazoned with a red swastika? Nice people.

::rolls eyes::

What I found especially amusing was the "dead" Palestinian in the third scene in Jenin climbing back up on the funeral bier by himself twice! Did you see the onlookers scatter that second time? Hahahaha! Undead PalestinIans!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

"Do not test my undead wrath, you supporters of the zionist overlord mafia! I will eat the flesh of your children! I will tear your flesh from your bones with my teeth! Allah alu akbar!"

†-link credit to drunken_leper.
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