Uncle Aldous Orwell, aka Teh Great Satan (evilwhitemale) wrote in _savage_nation_,
Uncle Aldous Orwell, aka Teh Great Satan

Yet Another Reason Why I Don't Believe In Multiculturalism

Hat-tip to rightwingprof for the link.

Victim ordered to wed rapist

BOMBAY -- Hard-line Islamic clerics in a northern Indian village have declared that a woman's 10-year-old marriage was nullified when her father-in-law raped her -- and ordered the mother of five to marry the rapist.

The fatwa, or religious edict, was issued by Darool Uloom Deoband, South Asia's most powerful Islamic theological school known for promoting a radical brand of Islam that is said to have inspired the Taliban in Afghanistan.

This is just heartbreaking. This is why I say the things that I do about multiculturalism and Islam in particular.
Tags: culture, decadence, islam, moral relativism, multiculturalism, politics
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