Popping out babies

A local radio station is playing of clip of Savage that contains a cruel and unusual suggestion. Savage claims illegal immigrants are at home "popping out babies." I've heard him on his show suggesting (& he alludes in this clip) that benefits be withheld from illegal immigrants so they would leave.

I find these remarks unkind and inciteful.

Anyone else agree?

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Nuclear Jihad: Can Terrorists Get . . .

I am currently sitting in bed watching the Discovery Time Channel, dish network: 192, and they are running a documentry on A. Q. Khan. He is the father of the "islamabomb."

He is also the reason for so much proliferation. This program shows photos of this son of a bitch loading a Pakistanian Air Force C-130 with materials needed to help construct nuclear weapons to Libya. Question: what does George Bush Jr. do about this? Answer: NOTHING. Our spy network helped sabotage his profliferation with the UK; however, the only reason we do not do anything about him because we want to play nice with Pakistan.

I swear, western government needs to get a vision beyond what can I do to get by and help my buddies. We are going to suffer for this insane globalist nonesense, be it either neo-con or liberal. It is time for a nationalist who understands people like these and certain nations are our enemy, and they need to do something about this before our "acceptable losses" of a life is going to be the one's that suffer.
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We Don't Want Revenge, We Want Self-Defense

I think that Michael Savage should put a little more emphasis on self-defense rather than revenge. When a caller disagrees with him on the war, Dr. Savage uses the argument, "If someone punches you in the face, are you just going to stand there and not punch him back?!" I suppose if the puncher walks away and never punches you again, all is fine (and perhaps revenge is not needed). However if the puncher prepares to punch you again (and you really don't have time to waste suffering from another bloody nose), then by all means punch the initial puncher back HARD.. right?

Dr. Savage is on the side of us conservatives, and he seems to back up the fact that the U.S. Constitution should preserve its any remaining Christian influence. Without some religious basis of some sort, there would be chaos & moral relativism right? Forget about swearing to tell the truth while one's hand is on the Bible in courts, and you slightly further detach humans from their conscience. If even simply the possibility of a higher power existing be taken away in courts, then any possibility of needing to feel guilty after bearing false witness against a neighbor is also taken away (resulting in an increase of cold-hearted liars... well of course they wouldn't be supposed liars unless they are caught in our liberal secular society).

Yesterday Dr. Savage talked about how the U.S. is too weak & demasculinized. Then he mentions something from the Bible: "The meek shall inherit the earth" and he said afterward along the lines of, "The meek will inherit a corner!" (I forgot what he said exactly.. sorry =/).

Not that I'm suggesting Michael Savage should be a total hardcore Christian preacher on his program, but he shouldn't contradict Christianity either as long as it's a religion that has some influence on our American culture. Not that I've ever heard him contradict Christianity except in just one concept which you can also find in his book Liberalism is a Mental Disorder (how we need more "revenge" instinct in us).

No not revenge, but self-defense rather. You could say I don't disagree with Michael Savage's viewpoints (but his angry-tone/humor really wouldn't work with a lot of people's personalities in political debates), but I just disagree with that one particular wording (he needs to replace that word "revenge" with "self-defense"). We don't want revenge against 9-11 because revenge is bad; we want to fight the dangerous spread of jihad (attacks are being carried out every single day if you check out ). I think that Christians can be just as tough as Michael Savage is, and I do think we can have a backbone. But it seems to me that Christians (including myself) have the hardest time drawing a line between what is revenge & what is self-defense. My current temporary philosophy on that is: use instinct to judge from situation to situation I suppose?

As for "turning the other cheek" as mentioned in the Bible, I believe that is actually referring to fellow Christians (I will emphasize that these Christians should be conservative & on our side of the culture war... because so-called "Christians" who are pro-choice or pro-gay marriage aren't really Christians, but rather are too vain to accept verbal persecution from mainstream secular society).

Any thoughts?

Winchester . . .

Tonight, Dr. Savage brought up the fact Ford is cutting jobs, and railed on America for exporting our manufacturing base overseas. Well, I wish he heard about this one, which I found on the Texas State Rifle Association's website.

The Gun That Won The West to Lose Its Made-in-USA Label: LA Times.

How is that for a kicker? Winchester firearms to made in nations that do not even possess the right to bear arms.
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Rumors Are . .

I heard it once over a year ago before that schmuck was voted out over in Deutschland. The Deutscher government believes diplomacy with Iran is useless. I never heard nothing about it again until a day or two ago, and now the media states, that USA in conjuction with England and Deutschland are making plans to deal with the Persian situation; however, they are going to the U.N. What do they expect the U.N. to accomplish? It will break down to invading another Islamic nation, but at least this time the krauts will put their boots into it. What is even more funny is the thought the IAF with Luftwaffe forces bombing that nation.
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So Binny Wants To Surrender . . .

I know that he is not being serious. If he was serious the whole network would be turned in, and he would come out of hiding to turn himself into the authorities. The funny thing about this is some people actually think he may be serious!
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Aw, Jeez. Not this shit again.

Dirty Bomb Suspect Padilla Indicted

Full Story

However, absent from the indictment were the sensational allegations made earlier by top Justice Department officials: that Padilla sought to blow up U.S. hotels and apartment buildings and planned an attack on America with a radiological ``dirty bomb.''

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales wouldn't say why none of those allegations were included in the indictment, commenting only on the charges that were returned by a Miami grand jury against Padilla and four other alleged members of a terror cell.

Okay. Why are they leaving that out of the indictment?

The indictment does not say Padilla belonged to al-Qaida. Instead, it asserts he was recruited into a terror support cell that was raising money and recruiting operatives beginning in 1993 to fight for radical Islamic causes in Bosnia, Kosovo, Chechnya, Somalia and elsewhere. The indictment also mentions Afghanistan and Egypt, but makes no allegations of specific attacks anywhere.

And why are they leaving that out of the indictment, as well?