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Life Life Life

Saturday Nights
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So a blonde , a brunette, and a red head walk into a bar...

This Is A Community Where You Can Post About Your Fun, Exciting, Morbid, Boring, Insanity Filled Saturday Nights!

Don't Worry We Won't Judge You.

Got questions? We Got Answers.

You Can Comment, Or Contact Sabrina On Aol/Aim: ShesxInParties.
7-up, agent orange, apple cider, art, barbies, basketball, berkeley, bevis and butthead, big earings, billy idol, bleach, bondage, bowling, boyfriends, bras, bulimia, candles, candy, carmex, castro valley, cats, chacoalte milk, cheez-its, chokers, chronic arthritis, clocks, cloves, coke a cola, cops, corsets, cranberry juice, diet cherry coke, diet pepsi, drag queens, drama, drinking, elephants, explosives, fabio, fanta, fashion, feather boas, flaming hot cheetoes, flavored water, frans ferdinand, friends, frozen juice, funions, gi joe, girlfriends, girls nights, graveyards, green day, hangovers, headaches, headbands, highheels, hoodies, hot tubs, hugs, ima robot, jamiraquai, kisses, kittens, lighters, lipstick, mac, makeovers, marlboro lights, marlboro menthol lights, mickeys malt liquor, mixed drinks, mod, nars, new york, night life, oakland, parents, parfume, parks, parties, peacoats, peacocks, persian cats, pet peeves, peter pan, pms, poetry, polished princesses, polka, porcelin dolls, potatoes, presents, purses, queen, rad socks, reno 911, rice cakes, robots, ruffles, runaway tim, salad fingers, san fransisco, saturdays, scissors, seven deadly sins, sex, sex and the city, sluts, small jackets, smashbox, smoking, south park, stop signs, straws, sunglasses, that 70s show, the boomtown rats, the buzzcocks, the cars, the clash, the cure, the faint, the family guy, the killers, the kinks, the love songs, the misfits, the network, the new york dolls, the yeah yeah yeahs, thongs, thrift stores, tiaras, tight jeans, tight sweaters, velvet, velvet acid christ, vodka, waynes world, wine, zebra print, zombies, zoolander