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wow, the saturday nights group thing......i had pretty much totally forgotten about that thing. so saturday night. I saw (to me) one of the greatest live bands ever. All Bets Off, they hadn't played in over a year and seriously, i was having withdrawls, they're so much freakin fun to see. I also hadn't listened to them in awhile, so i thought i was gonna forget the lyrics, but nope, the second they started, they all came back to me. damn it was a good show, they play this friday in livermore apparently, anyone wanna go with me?

After the show i came home and watched Count of Monte Cristo and ate oreos. a few times i accidentally said the Count of Monte Crisco.....and i laughed....crisco....yuck, thats what the Stuf in oreo's is made of....crisco and sugar, kinda gross if you think about it. But that movie, freakin ruled.....sorry, i mean it r0x0rz my s0z0rz.......

anyone wanna hang out this week?

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