Amy Elise (xlittlexsisterx) wrote in _saturdaynights,
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wasting away again in marijuanaville.

My Saturday night was a little hectic but good. Not like i had the best sex of my life good but good.

So the evening kicked off with a trip to Big Lots. =) The damage you could do at a store like that. The only problem there was that my bank card went missing. So I back tracked and never found the goddam thing. So now i have no money til they send me a new one. So everyone (sam, Sabrina, James and me) went back to my house. I called in my missing card and we downloaded some slipknot \m/ \m/ haha . Sam and Sabrina left to go have a wonderful evening, so i took James back to his hotel. I had the intentions on hanging out with someone else but I procrastinated on it til it was to late. So i just ended up at my sisters place.. where jesse brandon and jeff were smoking it up. We all got to talking and Jesse and Brandon left with fists in hand (you see theres this big situation between them and james... but i think its all cool now) they went to his hotel like fucking mobsters and "talked" haha.. But everything there ended on an ok note.. so being in an ok mood i went back to my sisters and got high as a kite.... watched tv. I love confusing conversations... and drunken rambling. Sabrina came to my sisters and we ate and talked... i played some halo 2... and then i passed out.

So that was saturday night. arent you glad i told you about it?

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