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Sex and the City Icon Challenge

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Welcome to the community! I've seen many of you graphic makers out there and you are fabulous! So, why not show off your stuff and win stuff for it! :D

Owned by:
Stephanie - daisygoddess
AIM - scrmndaisygoddes
E-MAIL - scrmndaisygoddess@hotmail.com

Co-Moderated by:
Claudia - raptoe
AIM - raptoechan
E-MAIL - claudiaknulst @ gmail.com

Co-Moderated by:
AIM - htowndramaqueen7
E-MAIL - s.le@hotmail.com

Co-Moderated by:

1. If you join, you must post in at least 2 challenges a month. If there are some issues, just let me know. It should be fine :) Dont join just to vote!

2. You must enter your graphics only! Taking others already made graphics is rude.

3. The number of icons to submit to each challenge will be given in each challenge, the number will change.

4. They must not exceed the limits. EXP: Icons - 100x100 and 40K, Banners - 500x500

5. NO BASHING! Don't be rude to people, its not nice.

6. NO ADVERTISING! Please dont. Ask me first if u want.

7. Dont chat about the show.

8. Dont make the challenge posts a message board. If you need to ask a question thats fine, otherwise, comment on the voting posts or others.

9. Please host your own graphics. Try Photobucket.com if you need to.

10. Don't change your entry once its posted. IF you do, it will be disqualified.

11. Please do not post your icon ANYWHERE until the voting is over!

12. Don't use already made icons if you will... but sharing them I do not object to.. I want your talents out there ;) You may post your talent or view the others here.

13. Once the challenge has completed, and the winners are announced, I will unscreen the comments to where the icons were submitted. This will allow anyone who wishes to take any icons, they can comment and credit were applicable.

How to enter.
- Comment on the challenge post with your entry in this fashion.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


- Only once remember.

How to vote.

- A post will be put up with all the graphics submitted.
- Please vote for your 3 favorites.
- Vote ONCE.
- DO NOT vote for yourself.

Awards will be given to the top 3 at the end of the vote. Mod choice will also be awarded.

Vote on weekends.
Enter during the week.
*This may change due to amount of members participating and conflicts.

IF you have any problems let me know.
Most importantly have fun!
Cant wait to see your stuff!

In A Nut Shell
Sundays - Challenges Begin
Fridays - Challenge Ends and Voting Begins
Sundays - Voting Ends

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