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Why slash ?

Age: ??? older than 18
Gender: female
Fandom(s): Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek: TNG/DS9, the X-files, The A-team and others.

Do you prefer to write or read slash? I read and write, but sure I read more than I wrote so far.
Do you prefer PWP, fluff or drama (a long story with plot)? All of them, but I´m not that much into fluff. Especially with fan fiction I don´t need much plot, because I already know the characters from the original material and see fan fiction as additional to it.
Do you have any interest in “unusual” slash (Incest, BDSM, rape, Mpreg, gender swapping, torture…)? I don´t look for those. But let’s get one thing clear “Incest, rape, torture” are crimes not genres of fan fiction. I don´t mind stories with such parts, unless it’s written like “rape… is fun/ hot porn”. I find that tasteless and inappropriate. But I don´t mind controversial stories.
As a writer, I don´t write with a “let´s torture/rape/ … every character , because it’s such fun” attitude. Those actions have to make sense in the context of the story and the original fiction it is inspired by.
How important is fandom? Would you read a well written slash story if it was in a fandom that didn’t interest you? I think that I won’t find such stories, because I don’t read stories in a fandom that I’m not interested in. I’m interested in pairings and characters as well, but only in familiar ones.
Do you tell real life friends and family you read/write slash? My friends and family doesn’t care much for movies or television series, so it’s hopeless to try to tell them about it.
Do you write or aspire to write as part of your career? That would be nice, but it won’t happen, because I’m not such a good writer that I could make money with writing.

Why do you find slash more interesting than het? This questionnaire shows that there must be something special or unusual about slash, because nobody asks such questions about het and het- writers. I think that homosexuality is still a taboo to many people or the most mainstream television series, because the main characters are heterosexual aiming at a heterosexual audience which can´t identify with gay characters. Writing a slash story is always about that taboo or forbidden love that not everybody should know about.
I think, it’s easier for a heterosexual woman to write slash (man/man) than femme -slash (woman/woman) , because she can identify with the idea of being attracted to a man much better , than with the idea to love a woman, slash is still within the usual way to feel for a woman. I don´t know what gay men feel or lesbian women, I can only try to write it like any love story, because love is love no matter who is involved.

My name is…Angela and I am slash.

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