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To Take In Each Others Pain, To Forget What's Around Them

A Forsaken Prince With His Annoying Princess
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This is a community for the pairing SasukeXIno.

1.Introduce yourself after joining. (It's an easy thing to do.)
2.No character bashing or members/visitors fighting. (I don't want to put up with it.)
3.Have fun.
4.SasuXIno has to be a main pairing for any fic,icon,artwork or the like in this community.
5.If you have any questions I'd be happy to answer all of them. (my email is res8srlr@verizon.net)
6.Warn others if your work is above PG-13.
7.If you have a collection of oneshots or the like that has multiple pairings but one chapter has sasuino go ahead and link it to the chapter sasuino contains. (this kinda doesn't make sense does it?)
8.If you find sasuino things that aren't by you and you want to tell everyone about it BE SURE to give the CREDIT from the person who actually created it.

Character Information:
Ino and Sasuke are characters from Naruto.
Uchiha Sasuke is a prodigy child whose family was slaughtered single-handedly by his older brother.Sasuke is cold and agnsts much. He generally thinks all girls in general are annoying and pathetic.Sasuke also sees males as all rivals.He lives only for revenge.
Yamanaka Ino is a popular female ninja who graduated at the top of her female classmates. She has an obsession/crush with Sasuke and a rivalry with her once best friend Sakura. She lives only to be Uchiha Ino!

If you want to be an afflicate contact the manager of this community