YAY. shiny new member.

heylo all, umm, i am obviously a new member to the community but not new to the pairing. i've loved this pairing for...well, it's reaching FOREVER.

...alright, fine, that's an exaggeration.

okay, it all started when i found out ino kicked major tail AND i realized i hated sakura's guts! TEH WHEE.
but i've matured now (cough) and i no longer hate sakura -- actually i can tolerate her alone in reasonable amounts, only exception to that is narusaku. which is awesome. so yeah.

then, sasuke appeared and he's pretty awesome. and ino is freakin' awesome, and yeah, awesome-ness all around, man--- and that's how it all started.

(Until the fateful day Sasuke became a BASTARD...but that's another story.)


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A SasuIno one-shot I wrote last night. =)

Author: TemaShikaxx (me)
Title: Bliss
Rating: K+
Summary: He wouldn't even look her way. [Time-skip]

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