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10:53am 28/07/2010
  Wrapped In His Arm
It was that small show of affection she received that kept her tied to him. SasuIno

DUDE. I bring forth a fanfic! 
08:09pm 22/01/2008
mood: ecstatic
TITLE: Watching the Sun Set
AUTHOR: yours truly. ;)
COMMENTS: None. Except any comments on my first attempt at SasuIno would be appreciated!
DISCLAIMER: I disclaim NARUTO. Tis not my creation, sadly.

onwards w/ the fake cut!
YAY. shiny new member. 
05:00am 11/11/2007
mood: content
heylo all, umm, i am obviously a new member to the community but not new to the pairing. i've loved this pairing for...well, it's reaching FOREVER.

...alright, fine, that's an exaggeration.

okay, it all started when i found out ino kicked major tail AND i realized i hated sakura's guts! TEH WHEE.
but i've matured now (cough) and i no longer hate sakura -- actually i can tolerate her alone in reasonable amounts, only exception to that is narusaku. which is awesome. so yeah.

then, sasuke appeared and he's pretty awesome. and ino is freakin' awesome, and yeah, awesome-ness all around, man--- and that's how it all started.

(Until the fateful day Sasuke became a BASTARD...but that's another story.)


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12:05pm 07/10/2007
  Go here to ship your fav pairing!  
06:31pm 27/08/2007
mood: thoughtful
A SasuIno one-shot I wrote last night. =)

Author: TemaShikaxx (me)
Title: Bliss
Rating: K+
Summary: He wouldn't even look her way. [Time-skip]

Two Avatars! 
10:48pm 09/07/2007
mood: content
I made two avatars
I hope that they like  ^____^

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Ino/Sasuke: Can't help falling in love with you [prologue] 
08:48pm 28/05/2007
  Title: Can't help falling in love with you
Author: Never-chan
Fandom: Naruto
Ship: Yamanaka Ino/Uchiha Sasuke
Rating: T
Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto own any of the characters.

Cross posted: ino_collection

Summary: "Ino – need pickles." Just one of the many horrors currently circulating in Yamanaka Ino's life - oh and that doesn't include setting Uchiha Sasuke on fire.

08:13pm 23/05/2007
mood: hungry

Hello. ^^

I just joined. ^^ I can't say that my very favorite pairing is SasuIno, because I like a lot of different pairings for different reasons. I do like it, though, and I wrote a fanfic for it a few days ago.

Title: Newfound Light

Rating: K+

Warnings:  Mentions of physical abuse, Het.


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02:05pm 11/01/2007
  introCollapse )

presentCollapse )
SasuIno FST! 
10:45pm 01/11/2006
  After a while of playing with the idea of making one of these, I finally decided to do it. I worked hard on it, so comments are appreciated, even if you're not a fan of the couple. :) The title comes from "Beautiful Disaster", which is featured on it. Enjoy!

Magic and MythCollapse )
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SasuIno Fanlisting! 
07:03pm 29/07/2006
  I got approved for it recently, and just got it all up and running. I figured you guys would like to see it. :) the URL is http://www.anglettes.net/sasuino - let me know what you think and don't forget to join!  
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A couple icons 
10:27pm 28/06/2006

More can be found at animei100!
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12:16am 26/06/2006
  Title: Making it Work
Character/Pairing/Group: SasuIno
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer/Notes/Whatever: Small mentions of NejiIno, NejiSasu, and NejiSasuIno if you look hard. I do not own Naruto. Etc.

For 20_truths

( And there's a little fanart too )
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05:53pm 10/06/2006
mood: refreshed
Let's Not Revolve Yourself Around Me
Sum: Sasuke reminds her. Space.

Hope you like.
Manifesto posted! 
06:55pm 08/06/2006
mood: nervous
I thought you guys here would be interested in this, so after working on it on and off the last two months, I've finally finished it. Here's the link: http://community.livejournal.com/ship_manifesto/139818.html.
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Fan Art/Fic Recs? 
02:14am 16/04/2006
  Hey everyone! I'm working on the manifesto on SasuIno for ship_manifesto and I'm looking for some good art/fic recs. Particularly art, since I suck at finding good art sites. I've got a few good fics (and I looked at the previous post, too), but of course if you want to pass some on my way, I won't complain. Thanks guys!  
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04:34pm 10/04/2006
mood: chipper
I am a new member to this community. I joined simply because I mildly enjoy this InoSasu pairing. It is not one of my OTP's, or even a top crack pairing interest, however I find this pairing quite amusing and entertaining to speculate on as it is one of the most shallowest crushes of Naruto. The other unrequited loves: Lee/Sakura, Sasuke/Sakura, Naruto/Sakura, and especially Naruto/Hinata are all more insightful on the characters in said pairings, however in InoSasu, there is one very important factor.

Ino barely knows Sasuke; it is simply a crush.

And Sasuke does not know or like her very well.

Maybe it is just me, but pairings like these attract me somehow. Yet I still like the SakuSasuIno threesome more so than simply Sasuke and Ino.

And sadly, some of the fan fictions for this pairing are terribly OoC.

And this is my two cents worth of a crack pairing that has no strengths or emotional bonds, understandings, etc yet it still vaguely interests me all the same.

(Not to mention they look good together.)
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Fic Recs 
10:34pm 09/04/2006
mood: awake
Does anyone know of any good SasuIno fics out there? I'd love to read some in my spare time. It can even be part of a threesome, because heaven knows how much I enjoy those.
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Intro post + gifts 
03:56am 07/02/2006
mood: okay
Hey, there. ^.^ I absolutely love the SasuIno pairing, so I'm glad to finally see a community to support it. >D Anyway, I come with gifts:

Yay for gifts.Collapse )

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Icon for the comm? 
09:59pm 06/02/2006
mood: complacent
I didn't make it, but I found it somewhere. I thought it was cute, and would go perfectly with the comm.

Image hosting by Photobucket

I think it was made by angels_requiem?
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