Catie (mydreamisawish) wrote in _sassclasstrash,

=+the usual+=
<5>please promote to at least one community/person and provide a link. <3kk

=+your favorites+=
(more than one is just fine, don't feel limited.)
(and anwsers as to why = lovely.)
<5>color.Black,Red,Hot Pink
<6>food.hehe Pickles,Jello,Cheesecake
<7>pastime. hanging out with friends,and singing
<9>musician/band.Breaking Benjain,Seether,Evanescence
<10>movie.Edward Scissorhands,Pirates Of The Carribean,Once Upon A Time In Mexico,Secret Window
<11>book.A Girls Guide To Vampires, Second Chances
<12>person.Johnny Depp (obviously) and  Cassie My sister i may act like i  hate her but secretly i like her shhhhh
<14>quote.hmm i dont have one

=+your thoughts.+=
<18>drugs.not cool
<19>gays/lesbians.they can do what they wish its their lives
<20>racism. pretty stupid
<21>religion. im a christian though i could be a better one

=+explanation of yourself+=
<22>describe your personality in ten words.
-Sweet at times
-Quiet at times
-a type of person that can always cheer someone up -Evil -Fun to be around

<23> describe your outer self in five words.
- A Loner
-I dunno

=+this & that+=
<24>what do you love about fashion?I love my fashion
<25>what do you hate about fashion?those freaking Followers
<26>what is something unique about you?umm almost everything about me is unique
<27>where in the world did you find this?My sisters journal info

=+photo time+=
(now include 1-5 photos of yourself <3)

(edward scissorhands in the backround!!!! on tv)

sorry im sweaty i just got back from walking my puppy


Me and My sister playing nicely.(hehehe not)

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