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=+the usual+=
<1>name. sara
<2>nicknames. scwanzer
<3>age. seventeen
<4>state. Georgia!
<5>please promote to at least one community/person and provide a link. <3

=+your favorites+=
(more than one is just fine, don't feel limited.)
(and anwsers as to why = lovely.)
<5>color. pink because it's bright yet can be romantic.
<6>food. bread. fast, easy and goes well with LOTS of cream cheese.
<7>pastime. guitar, because it makes my insides feel good.
<8>store. i guess wet seal because i love their skirts.
<9>musician/band. sonic youth, because they are fucking amazing! but other ones. ryan adams, saves the day, the cure, the blood brothers, the beatles, new found glory, ashlee simpson, bright eyes, radiohead, cursive, the faint, cartel, orchid, american football, the format
<10>movie. empire records
<11>book. the perks of being a wallflower, i know that's everyones but i read it over and over again and it gets better and better and i cry more and more.
<12>person. if i had to choose one, i would choose thurston moore from sonic youth. but i'll go with three. david. beth and ryan.
<13>subject. math
<14>quote. "when melody has nothing to hold,
i'll be the last sound that you hear as your eyes close"
<15>shape. <3

=+your thoughts.+=
<16>fashion.i love fashion. because no matter how you dress, it's always going to be different from everybody else. even jeans and a t-shirt.
<17>music. the best thing that anyone ever made. it's my life.
<18>drugs. not for me, but it's your life and you live it the way you want.
<19>gays/lesbians. everybody is same, full of emotion. so why base it on the outside?
<20>racism. look above.
<21>religion. curse of humanity. it breeds nothing but hate and anger

=+explanation of yourself+=
<22>describe your personality in ten words.
- amazing
- hyper
- opinionated
- shy
- outgoing
- musical
- tired
- unbreakable
- funny
- honest
- pretentious

<23> describe your outer self in five words.
- amazing
- tired
- cute
- ugly
- goodhair

=+this & that+=
<24>what do you love about fashion? it makes each person unique
<25>what do you hate about fashion? there are some people who just do it for everybody else, and not for themselves
<26>what is something unique about you? i play guitar, violin, piano and can sing. i don't know if that's unique but it took a long time for me to get down.
<27>where in the world did you find this? my bestest friend, fer_shizzle

=+photo time+=
(now include 1-5 photos of yourself <3)

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