anna (woahhh) wrote in _sassclasstrash,

=+the usual+=
<1>name. anna
<2>nicknames. anj, anna rae, bean
<3>age. 16
<4>state. vt. the state of the best ice cream ever. ben and jerry's. :]
<5>please promote to at least one community/person and provide a link. <3

=+your favorites+=
(more than one is just fine, don't feel limited.)
(and anwsers as to why = lovely.)
<5>color. orange
<6>food. tacos. although i'm sure the tacos that i have are quite different from "real" tacos
<7>pastime. dancing in the rain naked!
<8>store. hm...this is pretty hard. probably a store in my town called Old Gold. it sells really outrageous vintage clothes...

[like that]

<9>musician/band. that's too hard, because i have a really wide taste in music. some of my favorites are:
-dashboard confessional
-the early november
-miles davis
-los hombres calientes
<10>movie. drop dead gorgeous. my friends and i could quote it forever. if anyone let us.
<11>book. the perks of being a wallflower. it's exactly what teen life is like. for me, anyways.
<12>person. my gramma. she's 85, but still acts like she's 17. she isnt afraid of anything and doesn't take crap from anyone. she has the most charisma of anyone i've ever met, and i love her more than anything. ♥
<13>subject. english. writing is one of the most amazing things.
<14>quote. "The moment I was old enough, I headed for the city. Everything I ever wanted was here. I saw the city as a magnet for human intelligence, the center of all that mattered. Now, all these years later, in this same city, I feel caged- like somebody's experiment. Something about this place frightens me. i want to escape. i want to go home. and then i realize the cold truth- i am home." -add busters
<15>shape. triangles.

=+your thoughts.+=
<16>fashion. is one way that everyone can express themselves. no ones style is exactly the same, proving that everyone is different.
<17>music. music is my escape, which saves my life, along with many other people. go music!
<18>drugs. i dont do them, but if other people want to, in moderation, its okay with me. just keep it under control.
<19>gays/lesbians. love is love, and it shouldn't be stopped, or be messed with. if someone loves someone of the same sex, its a beautiful thing. dont hate someone for what they feel.
<20>racism. racism is fear. people fear the unknown, and thats something that tends to end in tradgey.
<21>religion. religion is a way to feel always watched, and protected, which is amazing. the faith that some people have in God is so admirable, just as long as they dont try to force it on others.

=+explanation of yourself+=
<22>describe your personality in ten words.
- honest
- crazy
- caring
- sensitive
- fun
<23> describe your outer self in five words.
- short
- brunette
- pudgy
- mysterious?
- ?

=+this & that+=
<24>what do you love about fashion?
<25>what do you hate about fashion?
<26>what is something unique about you?
<27>where in the world did you find this?

=+photo time+=
(now include 1-5 photos of yourself <3)
this doesnt really look like me, but it's all i have at the moment...

[on the left]
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