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=+the usual+=
<1>name. Rebecca
<2>nicknames. Becky
<4>state. ottawa. canada
<5>please promote to at least one community/person and provide a link.

=+your favorites+=
(more than one is just fine, don't feel limited.)
(and anwsers as to why = lovely.)
<5>color. red, green, yellow and orange
<6>food. hmm Pasta, Cherry Cheesecake, poutine, mashed potatoes <3
<7>pastime. taking pictures, working (in a portrait studio), sleeping
<8>store. Jacob (my sister works there and i get 50% off)
<9>musician/band. the used, rise against, guns n roses, motley crue
<10>movie. the notebook, blow, footloose, benny and joon, edward scissorhands
<11>book. The Dirt- Motley Crue, Fargo Rock City- Chuck Klosterman
<12>person. johnny depp because of his talent... the looks are a bonus.. lol Snoop Dogg cus hes a GanGsTaaa *what what*
<13>subject. Anthropology
<14>quote. "All I did was cash in on the fact that I'm good-looking and girls like me." Sid Vicious in The Filth and the Fury
<15>shape. oval... cause it sounds funny

=+your thoughts.+=
<16>fashion. pointless, everyone should go naked..
<17>music. good when its Loud
<18>drugs. why drink and drive when you can smoke and fly.. lol (i dont smoke, i just like that saying)
<19>gays/lesbians. all the power to you
<20>racism. "I have a Dream..."
<21>religion. a gigantic cult..lol

=+explanation of yourself+=
<22>describe your personality in ten words.
- Lame
- random?
- uh... not good with words
- photographer
- money maker
- romantic
- single
- nerd
- i cry at cheesy movies
- i like being held in someones arms

<23> describe your outer self in five words.
- green eyes
- slender
- cute?
- nice smile
- i like wearing colours

=+this & that+=
<24>what do you love about fashion? i like fashion from old movies, all the women in their elaborate dresses, they look so glamourous
<25>what do you hate about fashion? that people get too caught up in whats "in" and not what they like or whats comfortable
<26>what is something unique about you? i love to dance around my house in my underwear singing songs even though i know i cant, just cause it feels so good to scream
<27>where in the world did you find this? i clicked on one of my interests that said "screaming" and found you guys :)

=+photo time+=
(now include 1-5 photos of yourself <3)

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wow. we suck. to say the least.

So I just kind of forgot about all of this.
Totally sorry you guys.

I'll try harder.
But school is coming up.
And work and ap homework is taking up massive amounts of my time.

I know I suck,
But that means Hannah does too.
So there.


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