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Surfers Against Sewage

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Surfers Against Sewage

Surfers Against Sewage is a UK-based non-profit organisation campaigning for an end to the discharge of raw and partially treated sewage and toxic waste into the sea and inland waters.

Clean beaches and rivers are a resource vital to the economy and well being of any nation. Sewage-free coastal and inland waters provide beach goers and recreational water-users with a clean safe environment to enjoy, without fear of becoming ill.

Since 1990, SAS have campaigned to clean up the rivers and coastal waters of the United Kingdom. At the end of 1999, the British Government agreed an £8.5 billion spend to improve the aquatic environment.

Click here to join Team SAS.

A mouth full of sea water never did anybody harm. Or did it?

This is the first, and only livejournal community in support of SAS.
I am not an official SAS 'body', but I have been a member for quite some time, and you should join up today - it's a small price to pay in helping towards safe water.

We all use it. We all want to feel safe. Whether you surf, swim, snorkell, dive, paddle, windsurf - it doesn't matter.

In this community, you can have your say, post your stories and advice, ask questions, organise your own meet-ups, whatever - so long as it's surf based information, I don't mind.

It'd be ideal to appoint another moderator too, it doesn't hurt to ask.


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