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Brighton Action Targets Council Leaders To Win Support For Full Sewage Treatment

Brighton and Hove City Council confirm their campaign support whilst East Sussex County Council give us the cold shoulder.
Campaigners from Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) were in Brighton yesterday urging Council leaders to bathe in secondary level treated sewage water in an attempt to get the local authorities behind a policy of treating sewage properly before it’s discharged to sea off Brighton.

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Armed with banners and a bathtub of nasty looking secondary level sewage treated water a group of SAS campaigners arrived outside the offices of Brighton and Hove City Council before moving on to East Sussex County Council in Lewes. The bath tub was there to show what Brighton’s bathing water will be like if Southern Water’s £200 million proposal for a ‘middle of the road’ sewage treatment plant for Brighton is granted. Not particularly clean and not particularly safe. We were there to get ‘on the record’ the local councils’ stance on whether they were prepared to support full treatment.

East Sussex County Council and Brighton and Hove City Council are the two planning authorities responsible for determining the principal elements of the Peacehaven sited planning application, which is expected imminently from Southern Water. SAS believes they should only support a planning application that includes full sewage treatment from the start.

The current proposal allows only for sewage from Brighton’s 250,000 residents to be treated to secondary level – that’s an effluent that would still allow for 100,000 faecal coliforms/100ml and so plenty of opportunity for nasty bugs and viruses to latch on to the unwary surfer, kitesurfer or swimmer. SAS has spent many years persuading both local authorities, Government and water companies to invest in treating sewage to a tertiary (full) level which can reduce the bacterial loading to just 35 faecal coliforms/100ml and gives greater confidence to the recreational water user or day tripper that the water is clean and safe. By choosing not to invest in full sewage treatment it will allow traditional seaside resorts like Newquay, Scarborough, Weymouth, Swanage, Poole and Western-super-mare who treat sewage properly before discharge to sea to be more attractive resorts to visit for holidaymakers, day-trippers and watersport users in the future.

Not only is the level of sewage treatment to fall short of current expectations but also Southern Water’s proposal is likely to cost the region dearly as it wastes water rather than reuses it. At a time when the region already suffers water shortages and with more uncertainty over the availability of water from climate change predictions, a fully treated sewage plant would allow for treated effluent to be reused and would help offset this.

Whilst the issue of ‘treatment level’ is not deemed a material planning concern it is should be of very great concern for Brighton’s council leaders, residents, water users, businesses, hoteliers and tourist officials as Brighton’s reputation as a hip, alternative, environmentally conscious, right on, tourist friendly city could soon be eclipsed by less hip resorts that view clean and safe water as the foundation from which they are building a healthy, clean and sustainable environment upon.

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Whilst no councillors took part in the bathtub plunge, SAS were delighted that Brighton and Hove City Council have now openly confirmed their support for our call for full sewage treatment as local councillor Steve Burgess confirmed with us at the action outside Brighton Town Hall. However we are still none the wiser over East Sussex’s policy as they refused to send anyone out to see us. Pulling the plug on the day’s action we were forced to pour the secondary level treated sewage water over their Lewes office’s front steps. Of course if the water had been fully treated we would have been able to reuse it!

Small steps and all that, she says.

I'm happier...We're going places, I tell you.
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Today (March 9th) is the SAS Brighton demo! Is anybody going?

Join SAS for 2 actions that will challenge the local authority leaders to get behind sas's call for full sewage treatment in Brighton.

Action 1: Join us at 8:30am, outside Brighton Town Hall Bartholomew Square, Brighton BN1 1JA

Action 2: Join us at 11:30am, outside East Sussex County Council, County Hall, St Anne's Crescent, Lewes, BN7 1EU

A planning application is expected imminently from Southern Water that if agreed would provide the city with no more than 'a middle of the road' sewage treatment system. This would fail to properly protect your health as a recreational water user and actively wastes water rather than reusing it In a region that suffers water shortages.

Join us for one or both actions..dress code is wetties and bring a Board/kayak (or whatever other craft you ride!).....if possible.

Contact SAS for more information on: 0845 4583001

I'm looking forward to the report on this. If any of you guys get down there, let me know.

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There is something i have noticed recently...

There isnt a community for the UK surf scene or a community for the UK psy trance scence...

I have just created 2 new communitys to bridge this gap :)

for the uk surfers... uk_surfers

And for the UK psy trance scene... uk_psytrance

Feel free to join whichever one suits your needs (if it indeed suits any needs!)

And bear with me while i create and Pimp them out ;)

Also feel free to join my existing community ilovesurferbois Which is a fun community for people who like drooling over cute surfer boys or happen to be a cute surfer boy :D

X posted :)

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Does anybody know of cheap accomodation in Woolacombe - within walking distance of the beach?*

*essential because I don't have my own transport. Also essential because I'm impatient.

Cross-posted to a few different places.

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As we know, it's not just us humans that use the sea, it's wildlife too.

It's no more fun for them, as it for us to consume the ocean's various pollutants - which to an animal will most likely be disguised as something completely different, often resulting in the ultimate - death.

A word from SAS about wildlife and sewage:

Anything floating in the water column has the potential to be ingested by an unsuspecting creature. Many items such as sanitary towels, cotton buds and condoms contain some form of plastic. The plastic component in these items biodegrades very slowly, with the indigestible pieces of plastic simply getting smaller and smaller.

The internal organs of birds and mammals are not designed to deal with substances that are not digestible. The digestive tract can become damaged or blocked and in some cases can cause starvation. In addition debris can get tangled up with or attached to wildlife, restricting movement or circulation and the ability to eat, breath and reproduce.

In a sewage slick floating on the surface of the water, the faecal matter turns the water brown and murky and the SRD may sink to the bottom, becoming attached to plant matter or rocks. The physical presence of solid matter can dramatically alter a habitat.

Anything floating on the surface can prevent light reaching the layers beneath; light is essential to all life, including marine life. Particulate matter and sinking SRD can smother life on the seabed. Those animals that are able will move, but others will not be so lucky.

Sewage is also oxygen demanding. Micro-organisms within the effluent use oxygen as they reproduce and breakdown. This can result in areas in the vicinity of sewage outfalls becoming devoid of oxygen and hence devoid of life.

Combined with the smothering affect that particulate matter can have on seabed flora and fauna, major alterations have been detected in benthic communities close to outfalls, most notably a marked decrease in biodiversity.

I'd like to see some debate in this community! Okay, it doesn't have to be debate - but some form of discussion on sewage would be good! :)
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I've seen a lot of crap on Hell's mouth (Abersoch, Wales) before.

Including dead seals, which I didn't like. But this beats it all.

A horse made out of all of the shite left behind.

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In the UK over 300 million gallons of sewage are discharged to sea each day. Many of the UK's coastal resorts are affected by these effluents that are either untreated or have undergone minimal treatment. As a result they contain a mixture of microbiological species associated with sewage effluents. Some of these species are known pathogens that have been implicated in significant disease transmission. The link between sewage derived pathogens and incidence of illness was first established last century when Cholera outbreaks were associated to sewage contaminated drinking water supplies.

The most common transmission route for infections of the gastro-intestinal tract is the faecal - oral route. It has been established that a bather (or water sports enthusiast) could ingest sufficient pathogenic micro-organisms from bathing in sewage contaminated waters, enough to induce illness. The quantity of water that the bather would need to swallow for such infection to occur depends entirely upon the concentration of pathogens within it and the minimal effective dose of viable cells required to initiate infection of the individual.

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Welcome to the new and only Surfers Against Sewage community on livejournal.

My name is Lucretia, Lu' will do. I'm the so-called moderator, and hopefully you'll be seeing lot's of me around here.

We need to spread the word about SAS, and if you haven't joined Team SAS yet, please do your bit and join. As stated in the info, I'm not an official SAS body - just a regular member, who cares alot. I've seen skanky British waters at their worst, even fallen ill from them, too many times. I dare say alot of people have, and I can't stress enough how important it is for us to have clean water.

There's no rules in this community, you're free to do whatever you like, within reason - I just ask that your topic is surf/environmental related.

Cheers, Lu x